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the pitt Fallout 3   The Pitt Review

Well my Fallout freaks, with the release of The Pitt, things were already crumbling down like a bad horror movie, however, for the most part I would say that Bethesda redeemed themselves. Don’t get me wrong, there was a few issues I had with The Pitt, so below, is my own good and bad outline of Fallout 3′s newest addition, The Pitt.

I’ll start with the good in it. The Pitts one goal for me was for it to outdo Anchorage, which was just really tedious and annoying for me. The good news is I would say it did. I wouldn’t go so far to say it did WAY better, but it isn’t bad. Within the story you face many shady situations from slavery to kidnapping. It also adds a couple weapons and armor sets for those seeking the extra loot. Among those added on were the well known auto-axes and infiltrators. They also gave you a full new set of power armor that you can use regardless of the training received from the Brotherhood of Steel.

The look and feel of The Pitt is very rustic and broken. You are greeted with the sight of slaves grinding away at metal or throwing things into a steel mill most of the time that you in The Pitt. A large part of the story deals with you trying to save the slaves and get a “cure” from the man that had enslaved them. The slaves are all infected by this illness and some even go insane, turning them into Trogs, or Wildmen. (Trogs pictured below)

The game also features a whole new area, as pretty much everybody knows by now. Sadly, there is no real world locations to visit and the portion of Pittsburgh that you wander around in, is actually pretty small. They also give you quite a few new enemies to take on like Trogs and Wildmen. Though there isn’t really anything new that’s large enough and big enough to take out someone with decent stats.

thepittscreen 04b Fallout 3   The Pitt Review

The storyline starts with you meeting a man named Wherner, who tells you he is an escaped slave. You are then forced into the world of slavery and are given a job to collect steel ingots. Your only supposed to collect 10 from the “steelyard” but if you collect all 100 then you get an achievement and extra items for every 10 you turn in. Doing this adds on a lot of game time and gets you special weapons like the Perforator and Mauler (special infiltrator and auto axe).

After beating the story you also get to make your own ammo using the mill there. I also forgot to mention that during the story you will be competing in a sort of gladiator ring, even though its a really short one. The weapons you receive are very valuable, for instance, I still use all the items I got in The Pitt, out in the Wasteland and I’m level 20.

One issue I suppose, is that the DLC only adds on at most about 3 hours of gameplay. This is only when your going through and finding all the steel ingots and searching the non-story related buildings for items. Coming from Bethesda, I expected a lot more than just 3 hours. By now, I really wish I had some reassurance that Broken Steel is going to be much longer. If its meant to be a small add on then it definitely lives up to its expectations. In a quick run, you could probably beat the story in less than an hour.

As most of you know, upon the games release, the entire DLC was messed up. Bethesda took it off the marketplace and said they fixed it. However, this DLC had a lot of bugs that were very easy to find. While playing, I only had the game freeze a few times. I do know of other people though who still can’t even get the DLC to work. You would also find strange, contorting, line balls flinging by your face as you left a building (this happened to me twice). The bugs didn’t really annoy me that much, though for many, I’m sure they proved to be a problem.

thepitt Fallout 3   The Pitt Review

So overall, I’d say that the DLC is worth the buy, and you should be able to get at least a good night of gaming out of it. I’m sure there are many fun little things you can do that I went through not knowing about, or just didn’t do. They could have made it better but not everyone gets what they want. It is also widely known that Broken Steel is supposed to break the other two in half, hopefully this will turn out to be true.


  • Solid Story
  • Fun new weapons and armor
  • Whole new area to explore
  • Not as bad as Anchorage!


  • Fairly short
  • Quite a few bugs and glitches
  • No real world locations to visit

Overall 7.5/10

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