Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

4561 Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

Wanted. It began as a comic, was turned into a movie, and is now a video game. And Go! Gaming Giant has the definitive review.

Weapons of Fate is a sequel to the movie, happening just about five hours after (*MOVIE SPOILER*) Wesley kills Sloan (*END SPOILER*). The game follows both Wesley and his father, Cross, in their fight against villain The Immortal. Basically, The Immortal has a bullet with Wesley’s name on it and both father and son try to stop him from using the bullet. Gameplay switches between Wesley and Cross, the latter featured in flashback sequences that add to the story. The game features all the over the top action and bullet curving that readers of the comic and viewers of the movie will remember, but it still lacks in a lot of other places.

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Don’t expect an epic action game out of WOF. Although bullet curving and explosive bullets are available to the player it is very easy just to blow every enemy away without much difficulty. The only times that the abilities are required is in the boss battles, but more on those later. Also available for use is a slow motion sequence in which the player has an unlimited amount of bullets and enemies freeze in place, fresh for the picking. One of the coolest parts of this game is the cover system. It’s reminiscent of the Gears of War cover system, but actually seems much smoother and faster.

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Also, the game length falls quite short of what I expected. With no multiplayer and no other gameplay mode other than Close Combat and Headshot modes (where you must have a minimum number of each type of kill before the end of the level) I thought that the game would reach at least the five hour mark. But the game fell far short of that with around a three hour campaign for a casual gamer. I was able to breeze through it on the hardest difficulty in two hours and thirty minutes. Plus, you can get an achievement/trophy for beating the game under an hour and twenty minutes.

One very cool part of the game is the voice acting. Many original cast members lent their voices to the game, and if the actors weren’t available, some very good imitators were used. Although we aren’t treated to Morgan Freeman saying, “Shoot this mutha*****”, there are some hilarious lines in the game. The best example would be in the boss fight against Arana, but I can’t repeat the line here so I’ll let you find it out for yourself.

Speaking of boss fights, they aren’t very bossy and are certainly not much of a fight. Each boss requires you to use a certain ability (i.e. one boss requires you to curve a bullet to knock him out of cover so you can shoot him, another requires you to use the slow motion ability to freeze them as they run by), and if you spam that ability, each boss will take five minutes tops.

If you were like me, you wanted to see the weapons that you could use to curve bullets, pop heads, etc. Unfortunately, there are only three weapons available to use. You begin with a mediocre pistol, which later turns into the beastly pistol that Wesley used in the film. After playing all of Cross’ levels Wesley will also gain his dads dual pistols, which at the cost of five bullets will create an explosion on contact. To create some variety in gunplay there are several first person sequences. These include a turret and a sniper, and you have to pick off enemies as they run and shoot at you.

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As many saw in the demo, the graphics of this game are nothing special. The cutscenes are very blurry, the lighting is iffy, and I had a lot of popping. As an example, this was the first game that I played on my new Vizio and I thought my TV was broken because of all the blurryness. I must admit that the bullet curving closeup was very well done, though.

Overall, this game was very disappointing. I liked the demo very much, but the full game wasn’t worth my $60. If it had been longer or had a $40 price tag, I would recommend this game. But, alas, I cannot. Rent it, don’t buy it. Also, achievement junkies should jump all over this game.  I award the game a 6/10. A short runtime and poor graphics are what killed it.

The Good

1) Impressive Voice Acting

2) Bullet Curving!

The Bad

1) Only a three hour experience

2) Horrible visuals

The Ugly

1) How about a game based on the comic? I’d love to explore Cross’ gay fantasies and play as Shit Face.

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