Who won E3? Sony Vs Microsoft Vs Nintendo

intro Who won E3? Sony Vs Microsoft Vs Nintendo

So now that we’ve had a week to reflect on all of the big three press conferences (Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo), it’s time to pick a victor. We’re gonna pick some categories and we’ll see who won that round. Who ever wins the most rounds wins, so we’re looking for variety, not lots aimed at one specific genre/demographic.  We’re also counting 3rd party games as 1st Party, so Modern Warfare 2 is counted for MS, likewise with Assassin’s Creed 2 for Sony. This is because we are only dealing with the press conferences, so since only Microsoft showed MW2 and their press conference, we are counting it for Microsoft. Get it? Challengers, are you ready?… FIGHT!


  • Microsoft – Modern Warfare 2
  • Sony – MAG
  • Nintendo – The Conduit

And the winner is…

Modern Warfare 2

Whilst The Conduit looks like fun and MAG will no doubt be a blast online, neither could go toe to toe with Modern Warfare 2. From the moment the guys from Infidelity Ward came on stage, we all knew we were in for a treat. Ice wall climbing (check!), Blizzard stealth section (check!), Doing drive-bys with a glock gangster style whilst driving on a snowmobile (check!), The demo had it all! November can’t come soon enough!

racer Who won E3? Sony Vs Microsoft Vs Nintendo


  • Microsoft – Forza 3
  • Sony – Gran Turismo 5
  • Nintendo – Not Available

And the winner is…

Gran Turismo 5

Nintendo didn’t even show up to this event, so that made it a two horse car race between MS and Sony. Forza 3 showed a high amount of cars and tracks coming with the game. “Great!”, I hear you say, “GT5 will be left in the dust…” Woah there Timmy, put that xbox controller down. You see, the extra cars and tracks come on a separate disc which has to be installed to the hard drive, so if you have an arcade unit, you’re out of luck. Alienating users is not cool Microsoft. Now onto GT5, which now features Nascar and WRC races. oh, and it’s all on the same disc. Ding ,Ding. We have a winner.


  • Microsoft -  Joy Ride
  • Sony – Mod Nation Racers
  • Nintendo – Style Savvy

And the winner is…

Mod Nation Racers

Nintendo strives itself on being the number one console for casual gamers, but this years show didn’t exactly do so well for them. This category was originally called Best Kids game but we decided to change it to fit the wider casual market. Even with this change of title, we picked Style Savvy because we felt that it would be the best selling kids game for Nintendo and that the nagging power of thousands of tween girls beat the buying power of the hundreds of soccer moms rushing out to buy Women’s Murder Club. Microsoft and Sony Both showed off kart racers, but Sony’s Mod Nation racer has DIY tracks. If it’s anything like Little Big Planet, it will blow Joy Ride and it’s micro transactions out of the water.

service Who won E3? Sony Vs Microsoft Vs Nintendo


  • Microsoft – Last.Fm
  • Sony -  Media Go
  • Nintendo -Facebook photo uploads

And the winner is…


Sony now has its own version of iTunes which allows your PC to sync content with the PSP, hardly revolutionary. Uploading photos of your dog which is has been morphed and turned blue will quickly lose its novelty. Last.Fm on the 360, however, is a game changer. If you haven’t used the service on your computer or iPod yet, I’d recommend you sign up for it ASAP. Taking into consideration the service takes a while to get to know your taste in music, it’d be worth starting now to get the full experience at launch.


  • Microsoft – Shadow Complex
  • Sony – Mod Nation Racers
  • Nintendo – The Conduit

And the winner is…

Mod Nation Racers

Neither Shadow Complex or The Conduit bring anything new to the table. ‘Nuff said.


  • Microsoft – Modern Warfare 2
  • Sony – Metroid: Other M
  • Nintendo – Uncharted 2

And the winner is…

Uncharted 2

Metroid: Other M looks like it’s pushing the Wii to it’s limits, which isn’t really saying much considering that it’s two Gamecubes taped together. MW:2 looked stunning whilst climbing up the wall of ice, but even that can’t match the jaw dropping visuals of Uncharted 2. Watching the gameplay demo at the Sony Keynote, it became clear that the developers (Naughty Dog – What a cool name) really went the extra mile with the visuals in the game. When Nathan climbs onto the top of the tower, it’s hard for anyone NOT to drop their jaw at the sight of the city sprawling beneath you.


  • Microsoft – Project Milo
  • Sony – Motion Control Sandbox
  • Nintendo – Wii Motion+ in Wii Sports

And the winner is…

Project Milo

The Wii is finally getting 1:1 motion controls. I can just imagine Nintendo’s Pre-E3 exec meeting: “So, how do we make motion+ a hit at E3?” “Should we show off a cool game like Red Steel 2 to get the Hardcore interested?” “Nah, we’ll demo the skydiving in Wii Sports Resort!” *facepalm* Sony did rather well in this category, showing off motion tracking dildos wands, but Microsoft wins this round hands down. In short, Lionhead created Skynet. In long, Lionhead created a Boy called Milo who lives in your TV, knows how you’re feeling and could probably tell you what you had for breakfast. The end is near people.

surprise Who won E3? Sony Vs Microsoft Vs Nintendo


  • Microsoft – Left 4 Dead 2
  • Sony – Final Fantasy XIV
  • Nintendo – Metroid: Other M

And the winner is…

Left 4 Dead 2

“Wait…. So soon…. but you said you’d support the other one……….” – Thousands of gamers worldwide

wtf Who won E3? Sony Vs Microsoft Vs Nintendo


  • Microsoft – Project Milo
  • Sony – Not Available
  • Nintendo – Vitality Sensor

And the winner is…

Vitality Sensor

Sony played it sensible this year. If this had been E3 two years ago, the motion sensors might have raised a few eyebrows but in the current state of gaming it’s more of a “join the club” than a “WTF?!?!”. Milo was damn creepy, but the coolness of something that advanced made us side with Nintendo and it’s Vitality Sensor. Seriously…. WTF?!? You say you’ll support the hardcore and you give us something that looks like you should be in hospital? Oh and I totally called Nursing Mama.

host Who won E3? Sony Vs Microsoft Vs Nintendo


  • Microsoft – Don Mattrick
  • Sony – Jack Tretton
  • Nintendo – Reggie Fils-Aime

And the winner is…

Jack Tretton

Nintendo had the “Reggie-nator” and Microsoft had “The Don” but these two regular fan favourites were kinda disappointing at this years keynotes. And then, let out of the gates last but with all guns a-blazing, Sony let off the “Jack Attack”. Sony had nothing to lose going into E3, it was last in the console wars and had had most of it’s announcements leaked in the days leading up to E3. one of the first things that Mr. Tretton did to make it better was to crack a joke, stating that he was surprised anyone had showed up. And for that, Jack, We take our hats off to you…

guest Who won E3? Sony Vs Microsoft Vs Nintendo


  • Microsoft – Steven Spielberg
  • Sony – Hideo Kojima
  • Nintendo – Not Available

And the winner is…

Steven Spielberg

It was a close call between the Beatles and Steven Spielberg, but we sided for the ‘Berg simply because he is the guy responsible for Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Indiana Jones, Minority Report, Saving Private Ryan, Jaws and E.T (The film, not the awful game). This guy is no stranger to entertainment, and when he comes on stage and promotes a new accessory which could change the way we think of games forever, the world better take note. Sony did try and dethrone Spielberg with an appearance from Hideo Kojima, but to be fair, he showed up at the Microsoft Keynote too (complete with sound effect [link to an MP3])


Microsoft 5 – Sony 5 – Nintendo 1

Hazaar! It’s a tie! Both MS and Sony pulled out all the stops this year and based on this system they both did just as well. Nintendo, what happened to you man? you used to be cool, now you just give us this casual stuff…

Here’s where we hand it over to you guys, think we should have covered another aspect of the keynotes? make a suggestion in the comments and we’ll update this post.

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  • Evan Zinser
    June 8, 2009
    Reply #1

    I agree with Best FPS, Best Racer, Best Casual Game, Best New Service/Software, Best New IP, Best Looking Game, Biggest Surprise, Biggest WTF?!? Moment, Best Host, and Best Guest Appearance.

    I disagree with Best Tech Demo. Sony’s tech demo showed more in my opinion and it was given a release date. MS was all on a premise that the whole Milo thing wasn’t staged. At least Sony had proof.

  • Evan Zinser
    June 8, 2009
    Reply #2

    Good job Rich. Glad to know some people on this site can report objectively. Fantastic feature.

  • Zack
    June 8, 2009
    Reply #3

    I just stumbled across this article on the xbox.com forums and I have to say it is completely accurate. This guy nailed it, great article.

  • diggy lee
    June 8, 2009
    Reply #4

    You did a fantastic job Rich and I agree with all of it except Milo. I was impressed and yes it was creepy but after listening to several post E3 podcasts come to find out that Milo was not really what it seemed. I found it very odd they didn’t give us a live demo of Milo hmm… and now I know why.

    The program only reads human emotional tones and not what you are actually telling him. So you can say anything to Milo in the same tone the woman used and he’d act just the same. Speaking of the woman, the whole tech demo was very scripted. They told everybody that tried Milo to do exactly what the woman in the video did as well. I say give it time and better tech either way. I give props to Peter and Lionhead for doing this but it’s still far off yet.

    Just the idea Lionhead is helping in the development of Skynet is frightening lol!

  • boyracing007
    June 8, 2009
    Reply #5

    very good article

  • Murgatroyd7
    June 8, 2009
    Reply #6

    This seems a bit biased. Especially the casual gaming category. The Wii is primarily used for casual gaming and yet you use Style Savvy or whatever? I’ve never even heard about this until now. What about all of the other casual games they talked about? And what’s so surprising about Left 4 Dead 2? Wasn’t it a top-selling game? And I can’t believe Mod Nation Racers would beat Shadow Complex and The Conduit. That just flat-out doesn’t make sense to me. I think this whole thing would’ve worked better with a poll. Microsoft clearly brought a lot more to the table than everyone else, but Nintendo definitely deserves a bit more credit than it got.

  • Ryan
    June 8, 2009
    Reply #7

    Pretty good. 2 things

    The best FPS doesn’t quite make sense since it’s a multiplatform title for both the ps3 and xbox. You should have used halo odst instead.

    Again, the milo thing was mostly staged so I would have given that edge to sony’s motion concept.

    • Matt
      June 8, 2009
      Reply #8

      Ye but like we stated, we know it’s a multiplatform title but we based the article on press conferences only, so since only MS showed off MW2, it only counted for MS in our article.

  • Carlos
    June 8, 2009
    Reply #9

    Though not an accurate score imo, it’s at least fun to read and the winners in each category were well chosen. Biggest surprise should have been MGS:R coming to 360, then move Left 4 Dead 2 to WTF! as that’s what a lot of people were raging on (myself included).

    • Johnson
      June 18, 2009
      Reply #10

      You know MGSR is not an exclusive? It’s for all systems well not wii~

      • Richard
        June 19, 2009
        Reply #11

        Yes, but to have a franchise such as MGS Grace the 360 after several statements that it would never come to the console, is still a big deal, regardless of it coming to the ps3 aswell.

  • Ihavealieph
    October 29, 2009
    Reply #12

    Noob. Nintendo is the best EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys need to get a life xbox and ps3 fanboys.

  • Cloud33113
    June 18, 2010
    Reply #13

    One problem, you cant even compare half of these.The games all have different gameplay features making it impossible to compare fairly.In the very 1st one you compared M.A.G.(massive action game) to MW2( modern warfare 2) and yes I own and play both.M.A.G. is a MMO and just that.M.A.G. is a good game and if you have a ps3 it is a great game to own or even rent to see if you like it.While mw2 has a campaign mode and multi-player matches and it is not a MMO so you cant really compare the two at all.But if you do compare the two you should probably state how if you just started playing the two game after they been out how are they are.I found it difficult to start playing MW2 when i go it because I didn’t get it when it fist came out.By the time I got it if you were to start playing you wouldn’t be able to fight with any one because they have all the best guns while you just started and have nothing.On the other hand I fond it reasonably easy to fight with higher levels when you just start and unlike MW2 in M.A.G you actually have to think when you level up to get the guns and abilities you want with the skill points you get.Also on M.A.G you have a greater power to customize your character the way you want it.This is getting way long so i’mma stop.

  • Yaz NEM
    November 1, 2010
    Reply #14

    A real gamer would know Nintendo will always be #1. I hope I get to see something new by MS or Sony. Kinect Sports? Move Controller? Doesn’t that sound like Wii Sports or Wii Remote from 2006? or do I see parrots? Sure MS and Sony have better graphics, but that’s all they have. Even most of their content is not by them. which makes them just a bridge. Just like Sonic went down, others will follow.
    5 – 5 – 1 you say? I say 0 – 0 – 1 for all you new comers.

  • jayjay23playa
    December 7, 2010
    Reply #15

    Nintendo is the ultimate victor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PlayStation and Xbox are just some copy cats…….. yeah they know what i mean. new wireless gameplay with remote-like controllers[PS] LAME.Xbox and sony using their version of Wii Mii……ALSO VERYLAME!
    Heres a tip:come up with something of your own!

  • someone
    December 28, 2010
    Reply #16

    Wait whoa… REGGIE LOST!? He’s amazing and did you really not expect Left 4 Dead 2? That’s pathetic… I saw it and I don’t even OWN an Xbox! I thought Metroid Prime 4 was coming not a main series! Boo this… boo boo boo.

  • microsoft follower
    August 14, 2011
    Reply #17

    the xbox360 alwayz win becaus we get better onlineplay

  • james braselton
    August 9, 2012
    Reply #18

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  • james braselton
    August 9, 2012
    Reply #19

    hi there 10,000 rpm hdd has 200 too 300 mb/s data transfer

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