5 Gaming Characters I Would Have By My Side

Out in the Game Industry there are many different characters. All with their pros and cons. Each of them can handle a different situation. Although, we are deciding one thing, what characters would we want to have by our side?

5. Samus

Samus 1 5 Gaming Characters I Would Have By My Side

Samus is a great and awesome character that I would have by my side. She can roll into a ball and roll around tricking people. She also is equipped with a blaster that can shoot both charged and uncharged shots. Although she has her battle armor, as seen in Super Smash Brothers Brawl her armor is not as good as we thought as it can break. This is a weakness making her the number 5 game character to have by my side.

4. Link

b3vj1f 5 Gaming Characters I Would Have By My Side

Link is awesome. He has the typical sword and shield like any typical swordsman would have. But he has one thing that many other people do not have. That is that he has taken on many foes and has yet to be stopped. He has the ability to also transform into a wolf as seen in Twilight Princess. Link has a huge back story showing how awesome he is and would make a great person to have by my side.

3. Sonic the Hedgehog

sonic classic 5 Gaming Characters I Would Have By My Side

Where can I start with Sonic. He is one of the fastest video game characters out there. He can out run everyone and take them down with simple punches and jumping. I do not know anyone who would not want to have him by their side to psych out foes with his running speed.

2. Captain Falcon

falcon 5 Gaming Characters I Would Have By My Side

Captain Falcon is another great video game character that I would have on my side. He has the best punch out of every single game character. His fiery punch will send foes flying for miles! Be warned, when you hear “Falcon Punch!” you better make sure that is not aimed for you!

1. John-117(Master Chief)

masterchief 5 Gaming Characters I Would Have By My Side

John-117(aka Master Chief) is the best video game character that I would have by my side. As seen in the Halo Series and books he is no pushover. He is dedicated to his mission and will get it done no mater what the costs. He has the skills to take on any opponent weather it is the Gravemind or a grunt. He is able to wield any type of weapon and use it against any foe. This is why he is my number one choice for a video game character to have by my side.

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  • Carl
    September 7, 2009
    Reply #1

    Huh? Samus' Power Suit doesn't "break".

    • SpaceInsomniac
      September 8, 2009
      Reply #2

      In Smash Bros. it "breaks" when you do her smash ball attack. You then play a Zero Suit Samus, and can actually throw the broken suit pieces at your enemies. If you do another smash ball attack, you go back to the power suit.

      While Nick is technically correct, I'd still rather have Samus on my side than Sonic. :)

    • Nick
      September 8, 2009
      Reply #3

      Yes samus's suit does break as seen in brawl.

  • Tom HE
    September 7, 2009
    Reply #4

    Not the best article I've seen, needs some work.

  • boyracing007
    September 8, 2009
    Reply #5

    good article dude

  • Izdoy
    September 8, 2009
    Reply #6

    Wow, this really feels like it was written by a sixth grader during recess. Proof read man. Learn the English language.

  • outwar6010
    September 8, 2009
    Reply #7

    No Kratos?

  • Kasharn George
    November 23, 2012
    Reply #8

    hi, my name is Kasharn George and i am required to ask your permission to use one of your images for education use only. i will alter the image to avoid the copyright law.

    • DJ
      December 5, 2012
      Reply #9

      Sorry for the delayed response. Please go ahead.

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