X09: DJ Hero Hands On Preview

The biggest line at X09 was for DJ Hero and I can easily see why. It is one of my most anticipated games and I’m happy I got to take it for a spin. DJ Hero was the best game I played at X09 and maybe it’s because I’m a huge fan of Guitar Hero and Rock Band and just music in general, but something about DJ Hero just worked.

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Featuring over 90+ songs, the vast majority of which are mixes, DJ Hero is going to be quite the game. The Activision rep explained that all the songs were mixes or mashups of two songs. Seeing as this is a DJ game it does make sense. All of the songs used to make these mixes are well known songs and the song selection is phenomenal. I asked if there would be a soundtrack released but due to licensing issues it won’t happen the rep told me.

I should also note that the way the songs were made was essentially the team chose a number of songs, gave them to professional DJ’s and said “here are the songs, make us a bunch of mixes and mash ups.” Since they were made by real DJ’s you know they’re good. DLC has been confirmed for post launch so I’m really excited to see what new songs they have.

DJ HERO DJ vs. Guitar jpg X09: DJ Hero Hands On Preview

After watching others play the game for a good 20 minutes I decided it was my turn to step up and be a DJ Hero. The rep started me off in the tutorials which were incredibly easy so I ended up skipping them and ended up doing my first song on Medium. I skipped easy and beginner. The tutorials do a good job of explaining the game to people who first pick it up but after watching people play for 20 minutes I felt confident enough to go right to medium.

I chose the song Day N Nite/Boom Boom Pow, which was obviously a mix of those two songs. The rep told me this was one of the hardest medium songs and he was right. I was able to play it but it got tough. The DJ turntable consists of many areas. On easier difficulties you only have to hit the buttons but when you get into harder difficulties you have to use the cross fader and you have to scratch and it gets tricky. Either way, if you’re at all familiar with Guitar Hero then I suggest starting on Medium, maybe Easy, but even jumping into Medium shouldn’t be that bad. The rep told me the biggest adjustment is from Hard to Expert.

The rep showed me a song on Expert which he played and he was explaining to me how there was so much depth in the game once you get to Expert. He was right. The song was incredibly complex and looked very hard to play. I think Expert in DJ Hero will be harder than Expert in Guitar Hero. The rep said he’s put in hundreds of hours to get to the stage he was at.

DJ Hero Daft Punk Venue jpg X09: DJ Hero Hands On Preview

While playing my song I actually really liked the feel of the game. Like with Guitar Hero it actually makes you feel like you’re playing the instrument, or in this case it makes you feel like a DJ. I also got a chance to watch some 2 player action. DJ Hero supports up to 3 players, a mic, guitar and DJ. The only thing is that the person with the mic doesn’t sing. There are no lyrics, you kind of just shout and freestyle, so most people will be doing two player games with guitar and DJ.

The great thing about DJ Hero is you can’t fail. I didn’t do that great on my song, I only got 1 star, if it was Guitar Hero I would have failed out, but in DJ Hero you don’t fail.

The DJ turntable itself is fairly small but easy to use. Your right hand goes on the disc part where the three buttons are and you press the buttons and spin the disc. Your left hand controls the cross fade part and the effects button, which is kind of like the star power of DJ Hero. Everything felt very natural and once you get into it you really do feel like you’re a DJ.

DJ Hero Turntable Controller jpg X09: DJ Hero Hands On Preview

Overall I thought DJ Hero was fantastic, I can’t wait to get into it and get really good. I play Expert on Guitar in Guitar Hero and I can play Hard/Expert drums also so I’m anticipating I’ll be able to play Expert in DJ Hero once I put some time into it. It’s a great experience playing it and it’s going to be a great party game. I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if the concept would work but I must say, they pulled it off and I think it will be just as, if not more successful than the Guitar Hero franchise.

Thanks to eul0ge0 for the picture!

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  • Rocky
    October 26, 2010
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    So can i use the Lips mics with Dj Hero 2?????

    • Rocky
      October 26, 2010
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      Anyone Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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