Heathcliff video game series announced

heathcliff Heathcliff video game series announced

He’s one cat who is up to no good and he is terrorizing the neighborhood…it must be none other than Heathcliff. That’s right, the orange feline menace is making a return. Just this week, Fitz Roy Media and Storm City Entertainment signed an agreement in which the latter will develop an extensive line of video games based on the classic George Gately cartoon character. The licensing deal grants Storm City the rights to create and distribute Heathcliff video games worldwide across all gaming platforms for the next seven years. As of now, the first game is scheduled to debut in the Fall season of 2011.

This agreement comes about as part of a strategy from Fitz Roy to extend the Heathcliff brand to new generations by means of video games and new merchandising. Largely overshadowed by the likes of Garfield for the last several years, Fitz Roy hopes to expand the fan base and bring back old fans. “We’re thrilled to be involved with this project, and look forward to bringing Heathcliff to life in a series of all-ages games that will entertain and amuse,” said Susan Kain-Jurgensen, CEO of Story City. “In an adventure-driven world of sass and attitude, Heathcliff is a role model, and the gaming possibilities that can be created for him are endless.”

I wouldn’t be so quick to consider Heathcliff an appropriate role model for children, but his heart has always been in the right place. And this is one nostalgic gamer who is most certainly excited to revisit an old favorite.

  • freezy
    January 7, 2010
    Reply #1

    oh yooooo i know this game will probably end up being trash, but Heathcliff used to be 1 of my favorite toons back in the day. I used to love him and Rift Raft wylin out with all the other cats. Man i loved that show

  • Mark
    January 10, 2010
    Reply #2

    What the hell? Wasn’t that the cartoon with the cat with skates that lived in a dump? My brother used to watch that. They’ll make games based on just about anything these days!

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