Things I learned from Video Games (part 2)

Welcome back to the next installment of “Things I learned from Video Games”. Here at G3, we believe that video games are a learning experience as well as entertainment. When we play a game you can bet your sweet lucky 3rd grade bicycle helmet that we’re thinking of how it might improve the world at large as well as our achievement and trophy scores. So check out what we learned from video games, and see if you learned something from them too.

video game controller Things I learned from Video Games (part 2)

Take that Jack Thompson! I can improve myself through games!

Lesson # 5: I have better hand/eye coordination after years of playing video games.
This lesson is actually just a fact; people who play video games have better hand/eye coordination. Check out the facts on the National Geographic website and know that the truth is that gamers are not just witless losers that just play games to escape reality. No, video gaming also boosts attention to details and reflexes. So, in addition to rocking at such games as Halo, Metroid and Left 4 Dead: gaming has also helped out my senses and made me that much faster. So hats off to you video games for making be better in the digital world as well as the real one.

Fallout 3 diaries dog Things I learned from Video Games (part 2)

And with a friend like this, you no longer need to roam the post apocalyptic world alone.

Lesson # 6: Pets are great companions (Pokémon/ Dog Meat from Fallout 3)
Man’s best friend doesn’t have to always be a dog, but it sure does make unbearable situations seem better when you bring an animal with you. Video games have shown me that having an animal companion with is the next best thing if your friends cannot join you (for reasons such as: the apocalypse has happened, your friend’s are zombies or you just flat out don’t have friends.) So if you liked the company of Dog Meat from Fallout 3 (ala the film “A Boy and His Dog”) or if you happen to enjoy the company of a Charmander; things can always be a bit nicer with a loyal animal at your side. The animal can be trained in combat; to aid you in fighting monsters or other people or you can talk to your pet, so you don’t go crazy. Whatever reason you have for choosing pets over friends is your own business, but having a companion is always nice.

the cake is a lie portal Things I learned from Video Games (part 2)

While the cake is a lie in Portal, in the real world it could be a metaphor for prosperity....

Lesson # 7: If you complete all the training courses, you will get cake (Portal)
Ok, we all know that beating Portal does not yield real cake, but the truth is that accomplishing difficult tasks in the real life can obviously mean advancement. Just think about it; people with mediocre lives also happen to put in only the minimal amount of work in their life, hence: they are the cause of their poor station in life. And if video games have taught me anything it is this: accomplish all of your goals, side quests included, and life will be good. So if that means working harder or longer hours to get your proverbial “cake”: then you better well do it. What I learned from games is that rushing my way through the story meant that I would get a terrible ending. But if I did all I could and did an outstanding job: I would get to see Samus in a bikini at the end of Metroid. The point is that the toughest things in life always come after doing the best of work.
And since work equals money: the cake can be yours at anytime in the real world.

link Things I learned from Video Games (part 2)

Link is just one of the many examples of normal video game characters faced with unspeakable tasks.

Lesson # 8: Ordinary people rock (Any video game character that is normal)
Last but not least is the fact that ordinary people can do amazing things. And while the normal guy can’t jump the highest, or run for twenty miles at a time: we can prove our worth too. I take my examples from people like Gordon Freeman from the Half Life series or Link from The Legend of Zelda. While Dr. Freeman is just a normal human, that does not stop him from killing hundreds of alien attackers and stopping the combine from taking over Earth. Likewise, Link is just a forest kid who lives in a tree house in Ocarina of Time. The fact is that normal people can do their fair share too by rising to the occasion. So don’t feel bad about not being the tallest, smartest or a genetically enhanced cyborg; normal people can do amazing things too.

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