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Atomic Games has been busy since the cancellation of their controversial Six Days in Fallujah, releasing a new FPS on the Xbox Live Arcade later this summer.

In their newly-unveiled Breach, players will take on the role of a CIA Special Activities Divisions officer and work with their AI-team to complete single-player missions or face-off against each other in online play. We were able to get some hands-on time with the multiplayer section at PAX East.

A multiplayer match starts off as expected, giving you multiple options for “roles,” each with their own weapons, advantages, and disadvantages. We were only able to ply as three of the roles – Gunner, Rifleman, and Recon – with options like Engineer unavailable until a later date. While each role played and felt pretty much the same, the differences in weapons and accuracy were apparent. Players will be able to gain experience from kills and challenges, which can then be spent on new weapons and upgrades.

Breach Wicked Witch Hands On Preview: Breach

Breach is built on Atomic’s in-house Hydrogen Engine, which the developer claims allows for truly destructible environments. The representative we were playing with claimed that we could break holes through everything and create new cover, but the system often didn’t work as well as we would hope. However, the destructible areas did provide for some pretty interesting moments. There were multiple times we were able to drop in on an enemy below by breaking a hole through the floor, or took out the opposing team by shooting the supports of a wooden bridge. Breach also features an interesting “Active Cover” system that reacts accordingly with the destruction.

The game looks impressive too. The representative told us that they were shooting for a download size anywhere from 500-600MB, which is surprising when you actually see the game in action. Sure, it’s not as pretty as Final Fantasy XIII or even Modern Warfare, but it well above “good enough.”

The map we were playing on was pretty big, so it was surprising when we found out it was only 1/3 of a map in the final version of the game. The muliplayer maps look to be massive and offer a substantial amount of combat options no matter where you may spawn.

Breach Mar26 3 Hands On Preview: Breach

Breach will be available this summer for the Xbox Live Arcade, with a PC-port coming shortly afterward. Atomic Games is hoping to price the game for $15, and will likely have a Beta before release.

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