Split/Second: Hands-On Preview

split second logo 1024x512 Split/Second: Hands On Preview

Split/Second is a fast-paced racer coming out this year from Black Rock Studios, published by Disney Interactive (yes, that Disney Interactive). Don’t let the publisher’s past fool you: Split/Second looks to be a front-runner for 2010’s best racing game, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Black Rock was behind 2008’s Pure

We were only allowed to play on one course, a two lap race around a scenic city, and our selection of cars was limited. But even with the few options we had available to us, Split/Second was the game we kept going back to.

Split Second Split/Second: Hands On Preview

It’s very easy to compare Split/Second to something like Burnout 3: Takedown – races are on closed courses with an emphasis on taking out the other drivers any way possible. Sure, simply bashing them into oncoming traffic or walls is an option, but the guys at Black Rock have been working hard on other possibilities….

During the race, you have a small meter below the rear of your car. When you execute a drift, avoid a collision or potential crash, or pull off a successful jump, the meter will fill. As you go through the course, seemingly unusable objects will display an icon – hit a button as you come upon one, and you’ll use up some of that meter to create some chaos. Garbage trucks explode and crash into the road, cranes swing out into the race, or towers in the distance crumble – the main purpose being to crash other drivers or change up the course layout entirely!

Split/Second is visually impressive, as well. I often devoting my attention to the beautiful environments, only looking away when I realized I was driving towards a concrete wall. Even the power meter bar is pretty! Split/Second has a certain sense of style that enhances the game’s overall presentation.

From the incredible art style to the “BOOM WHOA MAN DID YOU SEE THAT?!?!” moments, Split/Second looks to fill in some racing gaps this year. Whether or not Split/Second will outpace the upcoming Blur, I can safely say that I’ve never been this excited about a racing game.

splitsecond2 Split/Second: Hands On Preview

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