A Farewell to Halo 2 online

Halo 2 online might be gone, but what about the hours of game play it gave the Xbox online community? The firefights and the flag captures will all be remembered as this epic game ceases to be online and a gaming giant that was a phenomenon.

 A Farewell to Halo 2 online

No more assaults on Zanzibar folks...

When I first logged on to Halo 2 (after years of not doing so) in what was to be a series of matches before Halo 2′s online career ended, I remembered the anticipation and excitement of buying Halo 2. I can remember finishing as much of the campaign as I could so that I wouldn’t have the ending spoiled for me while I tried out the online games of CTF, oddball and free for all. But most of all I can remember playing this game alongside my friends with pure enjoyment. With Halo 2 online we were able see how we matched up against people from all over the world and show them what we were made of. We weren’t the best and we didn’t win the most clan matches, but looking back on it: it sure was a hell of a lot of fun.

s20880 xb 65 A Farewell to Halo 2 online

Halo 2's lockout map and all of its glory

Sure there were problems like hackers with the notorious standby hack and foul mouthed children, but clan matches were all the rage and bragging rights belonged to the one with the most kills. Halo 2, now, is a relic of gaming. And with this final night, it would be something to remember as a gamer and a fan of FPSs.
I suppose that after almost 6 years of being online, Halo 2 has run its course and there’s no need for it anymore mostly because Halo 3 is readily available for anyone with a Halo online need. Halo 2 online is gone now, and the countless hours of lost sleep and frantic cheers are only a memory for those who played it and lived it while it was still around.

halo2 A Farewell to Halo 2 online

I don't know how many times I was killed in that corridor, but it was always fun.

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  • Sturly
    April 15, 2010
    Reply #1

    Whenever me and my friends would get together, Halo 2 would actually get us to drag our tvs and Xboxs to each others house. We would try and play it online, but nothing was quite like being able to smack your driver in the back of the head for deciding that “That tank is a pussy!”

  • Jack
    July 21, 2010
    Reply #2

    U can still play online halo 2 on pc

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