Cliff Bleszinski in First Issue of Nintendo Power

first issueNintendoPower cover Cliff Bleszinski in First Issue of Nintendo Power

This was pointed out by the man himself on a recent Twitter feed. Twenty-two years ago a great publication called Nintendo Power Magazine launched, much to the joy of young, shiny-eyed gamers everywhere. My brother and I were avid fans and subscribers (well, it was under his name) and every month we gobbled up every little tidbit of information those hallowed pages held.

A website called Scribd has taken the liberty of scanning an old copy of the very first issue of Nintendo Power Magazine, allowing me and other old-timey gamers to relive their childhood by flipping through its pages. Yup yup, I remember carrying around that printout of the Legend of Zelda overworld map and carefully noting where each heart container was located.

On page 99 there’s a list of gamers who have high scores on games such as Kid Icarus, Kung Fu, Mega Man, and of course Super Mario Bros. See below.

Cliff BNintendoPower zoomout Cliff Bleszinski in First Issue of Nintendo Power

Now zoom in this particular page and look at the SMB scores in particular. What do you see?

Cliff BNintendoPower zoomin Cliff Bleszinski in First Issue of Nintendo Power

Yup, it’s the Gears of War design director. CliffyB (or Dude Huge, as he sometimes prefers to refer to himself) was only 13 years old when he was first featured in a video game magazine. Little did he know that over 20 years later he’d be featured in many dozens more, and hundreds of video game websites and blogs. It goes to show that sometimes your hobbies can really lead you to a lifelong career.

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