Rumor: Mass Effect 3 to Have Multiplayer

mass effect  Rumor: Mass Effect 3 to Have Multiplayer

There’s strong evidence that the next iteration in the Mass Effect series will have a multiplayer feature. GameSpy reports that BioWare Montreal has a job posting on the EA website looking for a Multiplayer Programmer. While that alone isn’t really newsworthy, the posting’s name dropping of Mass Effect is.

Here’s a snippet of the original post (via Cinemablend):

We are working on Mass Effect, one of the industry’s most beloved and acclaimed franchises, as we build our way to becoming a fully self-sufficient BioWare Studio. If you want to help us achieve our mission of delivering the best story-driven games in the world, and you dream of being part of a dynamic, talented, and focused team, now is the time to get on board.

Now, granted that the posting doesn’t specifically mention that Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer. But considering that the title of the job post says ,” BioWare Montreal – Multiplayer Programmer (Mass Effect franchise)”, I’d say that it’s pretty much a sure thing. Kotaku tried to get confirmation, but not surprisingly came up empty-handed.

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