Kinect On-Stage Demos Faked

While this news doesn’t surprise me too much, it is a bit unsettling that Microsoft doesn’t have faith in their Kinect’s performance on stage…

Some posters on NeoGAF have pointed out that not only was the lightsaber battle featured at Sunday’s Natal event staged, but so was the live demo from the Forza team at Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference yesterday.

And of course, they made gifs out of it:

340x Kinect On Stage Demos Faked

341x Kinect On Stage Demos Faked

OK, so those two were obvious. The Forza ones are a little harder to see. In the first image, notice how the hand starts moving before he even raises his arm. In the second, the wheel turns before the player does.

epk4fa Kinect On Stage Demos Fakedi1d1y1 Kinect On Stage Demos Faked

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  • Jeremy
    July 1, 2010
    Reply #1

    Has it occurred to anyone that maybe the mismatch between user and game movement is not the result of a fake demo, but rather evidence of dodgy controller accuracy? Seems far more likely to me.

    • Luke
      July 4, 2010
      Reply #2

      That’s a good point, but you need to remember that if there was bad accuracy from the controller, than the movement on-screen would be lagged and occur after the movement of the user. The actions on screen are occuring before the user has moved.

    • hextupleyoodot
      July 7, 2010
      Reply #3

      Real kinect gameplay, as demonstrated by the fitness game they presented, has a significant amount of lag. These movements have the same exact degree of “anti-lag” in that the movements are taking place a full half-second before the “player” even does anything. It’s quite clear if you watch more footage that it’s all choreographed. Good going, Microsoft.

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