Meet NeverDead, The Next Great Horror Game

Meet NeverDead, the new action/horror IP from Konami. While just announced, it is already looking to be one of the better low profile games at this year’s E3. The game will take place in a world in danger of a demonic plague, and as the only immortal badass in the area, it’s your job to clean up after the baddies. The game spans over a vast city landscape full of human versus demon fighting, and incorporates one of the most interesting health systems to date. If this sounds right up your alley, keep reading. It gets better.

You play the role of Bryce, a human immortalized by demons in a previous “shadow of evil.” Centuries later, the demons have risen again and you’re tasked with saving the world from the force that made you what you are. Utilizing a unique butterfly-shaped sword, and an impressive arsenal of guns, you take your enemies on with any means necessary, all throughout impressive destructible environments. If you take too much damage, no worries; simply pick up your detached limb and put it right back on to regain your health. This simple system could lead to some interesting gameplay moments, and I imagine that once your five major limbs are gone, you lose. Think of it like the pretend sword fights you had when you were a kid. Get hit in the leg, you have to hop. In the arm, you can’t use it anymore. Only this time, it’s a bit bloodier.

The game is being developed by Rebellion, creator of the recent Aliens vs. Predator, as well as Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron and  The Simpsons Game, looks to bring an exciting horror game to Konami’s already extensive catalog of titles.

Like I said earlier, there very little info on the game right now. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on it, as it sounds like a very unique experience, something lacking in today’s action game market. Check out the E3 trailer and some screens below to see a little bit more of what the game is all about.

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