9 things Nintendo fans want from the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time

There are inherent risks when remaking a masterpiece that is loved by millions. And if that masterpiece just happens to be The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Nintendo better make damn sure to keep the game as memorable and as astounding as it was when it was released. With that said, G3 would has a short list of things that a fans of the original OoT will demand since their beloved game is being given a new paint job.

1. Upgraded music-
Don’t think of this the wrong way, the original music for Oot was phenomenal and its probably one of the best scored video games ever, however it would be obvious to take the original tracks and have them redone with a full orchestra. I don’t want the music to be changed in Gerudo valley or have a different Fire Temple theme song: I simply want the original music to be upgraded. There’s no need to replace the genius of Koji Kondo.

ocarinaof time 9 things Nintendo fans want from the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time

Possibly the best part of Ocarina of Time is the memorable music. It was so atmospheric and catchy.

2. Master quest difficulty-
The Master Quest, for those of you that don’t know, was the Gamecube version of OoT with a higher difficulty level. Looking back on OoT, the difficulty does seem a bit too easy and I’m sure that’s what others are thinking as well. Adding a higher difficulty setting and tougher puzzles only makes the game that much more fun to conquer. Once again, this doesn’t change the plot of the story; it only enhances the playability of the game.

3. Seamless combat-
The original Z-target in OoT was revolutionary, so the developers better find a way to make targeting just as trouble-free as it always has been. While there is no Z trigger for the Nintendo 3DS, I’m certain that Nintendo has an idea of what to do to make combat both engaging and flawless. The targeting system was just so simple, yet it was a huge step in camera controls for gaming.

the legend of zelda ocarina of time 3ds 20100616055817819 640w 9 things Nintendo fans want from the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time

Let's hope the combat is as refined as it was on the N64.

4. Ease of menu-
The menu system in OoT was decent enough since there was literally no problem with it. However, with the inclusion of the bottom screen for the 3DS: this could mean that your weapons would be readily available at the touch of the stylus. So it would happen to be much easier to switch between the regular Kokiri boots and the Iron boots when inside of the water temple.

5. Easter eggs-
The original OoT had pictures of Mario and pals hidden in and around all of Hyrule, so why not add one or two more around the land? It’s harmless to do since it does not affect the plotline and they’re always a nice treat to find. Plus, it would be interesting to see who else Nintendo can hide in the game as well as where these Easter eggs can be hidden. Likewise, Link can be found resting in a bed in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

1804.full 9 things Nintendo fans want from the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time

Yes, that is Bowser. Easter eggs like this can be found all around Hyrule, and it would be nice to see more in the remake.

6. The Water temple should not be changed-
If there is one complaint I hate it is when people complain about the difficulty of traveling through the intricacies of the Water temple. However, the point of a video game like the Legend of Zelda is to test your wits with puzzles and confusing scenarios. So changing the difficulty of the game because of a few complaints would be a serious slap in the face to gamers that like a challenge.

WT 9 things Nintendo fans want from the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time

Shadow Link= best fight in the game next to Gannondorf. The Water temple should remain unchanged as far as difficulty goes.

7. Make this game worthy of being called Ocarina of Time-
There was one moment in the game when I realized the scale of how impressive the OoT world was compared to other games at the time, and this was when Link first walks out of his tree house to show Kokiri forest. It was that moment that I saw how Link’s world was not simply a game with characters. Instead this game was populated by people that had character and depth. Nintendo has to keep this spirit alive and make the inhabitants of Hyrule believable once again to make this game.

8. Do not add annoying characters for the sake of adding them-
I don’t know about the rest of the gaming world, but I have a bone to pick with Nintendo with the creation of Tingle, one of the most annoying characters to have ever been in any video game ever. For some reason Nintendo likes putting Tingle in Zelda games and I hope that they really plan on keeping him out of the 3DS version of OoT.

9. Don’t make the 3D a gimmick: make it part of the experience-
3D has come across as the new thing in video games and movies for some reason and I hope that it doesn’t come off as cheesy in OoT. I have faith that when Nintendo sets out to create a fun and interactive experience: they always deliver. It’s the same reason that the DS touch screen, Wii motion controls and rumble pack all worked so well; Nintendo knows how to make game peripherals and they know how to integrate new technology. So if anyone can pull off 3D Nintendo can do it…let’s just hope they prove it with a game like Ocarina of Time.

DS 9 things Nintendo fans want from the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time

One of the only actual 3DS screen shots G3 could find. And this game looks great for being on a handheld system.

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