Mass Effect 3 Expectations

With the recent news of Mass Effect 3, we at G3 cannot help but wonder about the possibilities and the depth that this game will have over its already stunning predecessors. With changes to armor, abilities and locations; Mass Effect 3 promises to stun gamers come next December. However, here are some changes that the members of G3 wouldn’t mind having done to make ME3 an even better game experience.

spectrearmorxoy6 Mass Effect 3 Expectations

Armor upgrades means many variations and Mass Effect 3 would benefit from this.

1. Armor upgrades-
If there was one thing that I missed from the first Mass Effect; it was the armor upgrading system. In ME1, there was so much variation from player to another since each player’s armor could be so unique. Upgrading armor probably only had half the variations from the first game with color and extra health bonuses, while the first game had dozens of different suits; each having their own bonuses. It would be cool to see this upgrading system back for ME3 since I thought it was most complex and distinct.

mass effect pc 490w Mass Effect 3 Expectations

Here's hoping for an ammo upgrade in Mass Effect 3.

2. Weapon upgrades-
This might sound odd, but I actually liked the limitations that some weapons had when adding certain types of ammunition. For instance, adding incendiary bullets would cause the gun to overheat faster, but also gave Shepard more firepower and damage for each bullet. While complaining about this limitation might sound dumb on my part, I thought it was good to know that there would be both pros and cons with certain types of ammo. In ME2, the game felt too easy since incendiary ammo still had all of the perks, but none of the drawbacks in the original game.

wrex looking mean Mass Effect 3 Expectations

The powerful Wrex better be back for Mass Effect 3, mostly because Shepard is going to need all the help he can get.

3. Bring back Wrex-
The best part of the original Mass Effect was without a doubt: Wrex. In fact, if I could have played that game as Wrex, I would have because he was so interesting and the entire Krogan race just exuded brutality. His strength, advanced use of weapons and biotic skills make him probably the most well rounded character in the game and it was such a let-down when we find out that he wouldn’t be joining Shepard in ME2. My hope is that Wrex will be in ME3 to back up Shepard and help give some of the Krogan Battlemaster ferocity in the fight against Harbinger and the rest of the Reapers.

Mass Effect 2 adept 553x272 Mass Effect 3 Expectations

Biotics, while being flashy, are also powerful and a main source of dispatching enemies.

4. Even more biotic powers-
The more biotics; the better. These powers level the playing field in so many ways and powers like slam and charge were very welcome additions to ME2 since they felt like such strong powers and offered even more strategies when faced with a large group of enemies. Having more powers means more distinct fighting styles and more fun. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have extra biotic powers to take down the Reapers.

 Mass Effect 3 Expectations

Lush new planets with all new characters would be great for Mass Effect 3.

5. More diverse worlds and missions
The best improvement from the original Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 was the expansion of worlds and missions. ME2 had more variations of missions and more interactions with characters, while in the original Mass Effect; the missions were pretty plain. The stakes were raised with loyalty missions and intense side mission characters in ME2, and my hope is that the worlds will be even more expansive and the missions will be more in-depth to add to the overall storyline.

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  • ItsEvan
    December 13, 2010
    Reply #1

    The only thing that I’m wondering about Mass Effect 3 is the scenario that they will put at the start to edit Shepard’s face.

    With Mass Effect 1, it wasn’t necessary to create a scene for the player to start off with a custom face, but with ME 2, Bioware created a scenario where Shepard died and had a good reason to edit Shepard’s face, but I wonder what they will do in ME 3, I don’t think they can top what the second one did in that regard.

    I just hope they don’t spoil the huge twist at the beginning like in ME 2. I wish I didn’t know what happened to Shepard then. It would have made my jaw drop.

  • JohnLocke
    December 13, 2010
    Reply #2

    It kind of sucks for PS3 users as they wont be able to import their character from ME1 to ME2 to ME3. But it’s all good – I’m sure they’ll get to pick which option they want etc.

    Win win, more people get to play ME2, awesome game GOTY in my opinion, EA with mula, and Bioware gains fans.

  • Nick
    December 14, 2010
    Reply #3

    Wrex died in my game so I honestly didn’t get much time with him. I doubt they would bring him back in any capacity with people using their previous saves.

  • Jon
    December 14, 2010
    Reply #4

    I’d like to see more equipment and diversity in player characters. First, I liked where ME2 was going with modular armor pieces. Players mix and match their equipment to suit their playing style and complement their character’s strengths/weaknesses. However, I think BioWare played it too safe.

    Make equipment choices more involved by introducing negative perks; not all armor is solely beneficial. For instance, armor that increase vitality or reduces physical damage could impair a players agility or dexterity. This “idea” isn’t new at all; in fact, I ripped it straight from NeverWinter Nights, which was BioWares poster child. I’d also like to see more diversity in weapons. Distilling the weapon selection and switching back to a traditional shooter model hurt ME2, in my opinion. Other than class differences, players should be able to extend their specialization to their weapons. How about modular weapons? Special ammunition? Melee weapons?

    Y’know what? EA should just hire me. I have too many ideas swimming in my head..

  • datdude
    December 14, 2010
    Reply #5

    I hate anyone who does not love Mass Effect 2. I will fight you. I will bite you. I will win.

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