Fallout New Vegas “Dead Money” DLC Trailer

Your a victim of a raw deal, strapped with an explosive collar,and given an objective “break into the vault of the Sierra Madre”. This is the premise of Fallout New Vegas’s latest DLC “Dead Money”. Dead Money is an Xbox 360 timed-exclusive DLC which task you with finding the treasure of the Sierra Madre. In the Fallout lore the Sierra Madre is a grand casino but one problem, it never opened. The bombs of the Great War prevented the casino’s grand opening and the residents were locked inside. Eventually the air-cooling system started spewing toxic gas into the city below and only the “Ghost People” could inhabit the city with the aid of their hazmat suits.

DeadMoneyFalloutDLC1 300x187 Fallout New Vegas Dead Money DLC Trailer

The Hazmat suit wearing Ghost People do not look to friendly.

The holographic security system also activated protecting the Sierra Madre’s secret vault which holds more than gold. Only one man lived to find the Sierra Madre, Father Elijah of the Brotherhood of Steel. After HELIOS One was taken Father Elijah searched for a weapon capable of defeating the NCR and soon found the Sierra Madre. After a deal goes you and three companions will be thrust into the deep-abyss of the Sierra Madre with a simple goal find the vault or die. Who is the mysterious voice? Where is Father Elijah? Why are the Ghost People hostile? All will become clear on December 21st when Fallout New Vegas “Dead Money” is released.

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