The Knights Contract Release Date Announced

knights contract The Knights Contract Release Date Announced

Great news for those with a massive personal taste for slash-attack video game action: Various sites (including Joystiq, among others) report that Namco Bandai’s Knights Contract release date will be very early next year — and on February 22, to be more specific.

Of course, if you’re like “what the heck IS Knights Contract?” then let me break it down for you: Knights Contract is best described as an action game that pits two unlikely partners — a witch and executioner — against hordes of monsters in a bloody, full-scale brawl for supremacy. I say unlikely here for a reason inherently tied into the plot itself: basically speaking, there literally is a witch hunt going on throught the ream for some reason or other; nevertheless, Heinrich and Gretchen (the witch and executioner, respectively) are stuck dealing with the further upheaval of the monsters themselves even as they stand at odds against their own inherent opposition circulating across the whole of the fantasy landscape.

Expect a major focus on action within this game once it hits Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 systems in about two month’s time.

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