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postit3 Fiscal GamesAccomplishment, success, victory; the personification of what drives us to do better even if its for worse. This is scripture to all gamers. Whether sitting at a desk with a nameplate that ends in CEO, or slinging games at a place that ends in STOP; we all want to win; some of us more willing the others.

The [successful] games we play are built on a solid foundation of company standards and goals; goals inherently dependent upon specific mission parameters for success.

That success shines down on us [the consumers] in the form of great games and media. We then blissfully return the favor back to the source in the form of revenue.

..and round ‘n round we go.

The future of gaming looks bright and I’ve personally singled out three publishers that have done exceptionally well during this fiscal year by  raising the bar in the industry through creative planning, leadership and technology.

take two interactive logo 150x150 Fiscal GamesJust like tweaking your car to total perfection for your favorite track  in GT5, Take-Two’s approach to redeem last fiscal year’s $107 million loss was to simply adjust their speed (so to speak) to stay on track and finish with rest of the industry.  By doing so, according to game industry. biz,  T-2 has increased their net profit for 2010 by 32 percent for a net profit of $1.15 billion.

“As we finish 2010, our company is better positioned for success than ever, creatively, operationally and financially.”

- Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two Interactive Executive Chairman

t2tableback1a6 Fiscal Games

Its the little things that make all the difference

EAblack logocircle 150x150 Fiscal Gamesdigital content.
This simply means they sold a large amount of download-able content.

“Our digital businesses are expected to grow approximately 30%.”

-Eric Brown, Electronic Arts Chief Financial Officer

eaboard8 Fiscal Games

Thinking ahead is always and excellent game plan

Gamers love anything that will help prolong the overall experience.  ‘The Episodes of Liberty City’ already proved this unequivocally, and publishers like EA, and T-2 have already begun systemic applications for IP and third party publishing /development.

nintendocustomlogo 150x150 Fiscal Games

Even Nintendo is getting in the mix with the release of content for Super Smash Bros.® Brawl! But DLC wasn’t the primary focus for Nintendo during FY10.  The 3DS has been and remains in the forefront as Nintendo’s thorough-bred for a new found victory.

-”..publishers are showing aggressive attitudes [towards] developing for Nintendo 3DS, and I am personally looking forward to the outcome.”

Shinji Hatano, Nintendo Co., Ltd. Senior Managing Director

Nintendo 3DS1 Fiscal Games

Next gen development is crucial to future fiscal planning

Like I mentioned earlier, publishers like EA, Nintendo, and Take-Two have raised the bar for what is to be expected for DLC, and next gen technology.  Great [fiscal] games and the tech that supports them is hinged upon yearly and quarterly fiscal planning.

Where would games be without it?

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