Another PSP 2 Rumored Unveiling

According to three people with knowledge of Sony’s upcoming [plans] for the next 3-4 weeks, the much anticipated PSP 2 has now been said to be unveiled on Jan. 27.  As confirmed by Bloomberg, the ‘plan’ is for Sony to discuss during a briefing before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb 14-17), the overall strategy for networking it’s products and services, i.e., sharing games, music, movies with hand-held devices.  Sony will then unveil an upgraded model of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smart-phone, which is suppose to be released in February following the unveiling of the Sony PlayStation Portable device.
MWC Another PSP 2 Rumored Unveiling

When asked about an official unveiling date of Jan. 27, Sony spokesman, Patrick Seybold declined to clarify if the briefing will include the announcement of a new portable product.

psp2 PSM3 Another PSP 2 Rumored Unveiling

Most recent PSP2 concept Courtesy of PSM3

So there you have it.  Another official report with an unofficial conclusion, but looking at the bright side, January 27 is next week so we’ll find out soon enough.

My fingers are crossed..

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