Raskulls DLC Quietly Launches

192573 r11 Raskulls DLC Quietly Launches

At the end of last year, I started hearing about a game called Raskulls on Xbox Live. Some critics praised the game as original and fun, while others said it was simply derivative of other titles. While critics may not agree on how good the game is, they all felt it was fun. Sadly there have been little to no updates on the title since release. Suddenly, a few days ago the first pack of downloadable content for Raskulls was released.

The Raskulls DLC is named “Reinforcements 1″ and is priced at 160 Microsoft points on Xbox Live Marketplace. In the pack you are given 4 new playable characters and a new Grand Prix which includes 4 new tracks. The characters bring an aesthetic change to the gameplay, while the tracks boast entirely new levels from the castle shown in the game. With a great budget price, there seems to be no reason why a fan of the title shouldn’t pick it up.

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