Twisted Pixel Reveals The Gunstringer

Twisted Pixel is a mini-champion of downloadable titles. The Maw? A simple, fun and charming game. ‘Splosion Man? Entertaining, challenging and ridiculously fun. Comic Jumper? Funny, original and a little too ambitous. Did you see a trend among those titles? This studio brings a unique sense of humor that has been missing from gaming since the glory days of adventures games by Tim Schafer. Fortunately next year we will be able to see two titles from the studio. They had already announced Ms. Splosion Man, but today the small team revealed they have a Kinect shooter in the works named The Gunstringer.

TwistedPixel logo Twisted Pixel Reveals The GunstringerIn the initial trailer they poke fun at the controllers for Playstation and Wii saying they can’t handle this game. Then after decimating a keyboard, the person in the trailer pulls out a Kinect and starts moving the marionette on screen. The marionette proceeds to fire upon different enemies and animals on screen.

On a base level, the game appears to be an on-rail western shooter with platforming elements, which is a genre that doesn’t always do well. We’ll have to wait and see in future trailers if the studio will once again produce a gem which may be the first Kinect shooter.

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