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We here at G3 love videogames. We don’t just write about this stuff for attention. While other gaming sites may treat games as products of business, we see them as products of creativity for our entertainment. On that note, we’d love to share with you on a weekly basis the games that we have been playing. Maybe it will reveal that we are retro gamers, have an immense backlog to take care of or even if we keep up with current releases.

So without further ado, G3 presents G3′s Weekly Gaming! G3s Weekly Gaming

Tyler : I spent this week playing a ridiculous amount of Paper Mario, and yes, it was my first playthrough of that game. When not playing that, my friends and I found ourselves on Super Smash Bros.(N64) or Mario Tennis. Next week I’m looking forward to finally playing through Goldeneye for the first time. I’ve never actually beaten that game and with an N64 in my dorm now, why not?

In addition to unhealthy amounts of N64, I found myself playing a lot of Mass Effect 2 this weekend. After nearly a year, I finally got the game and bought all the DLC for it. It’s such an amazing games, I just wish the RPG elements wern’t as watered down.

Chris : I spent the majority of my week playing Breach and Fallout: New Vegas. I’ve become fairly good at Breach, but I am terribly bored with it now. Everything about the game is just so generic and unremarkable, and it’s tiresome playing on the same two maps every time. The game is also in desperate need of dedicated servers so I’m not constantly getting booted out when someone decides to leave. I’m actually able to avoid lag and most of the game’s other issues if I host the match myself, but whenever I do that, it causes my console to freeze within two minutes. I was going to try for some of the achievements, but it’s not worth the hassle.

Most of my fun has been with Fallout: New Vegas and I just finished up the Dead Money DLC. It didn’t fit in with the game’s world at all and felt more like something from BioShock, but I did enjoy the challenge of constantly fending off death in Hardcore mode, and I rather liked the “puzzles” in the casino. Having completed all of the sidequests in the main game, I am now going through the four faction quest lines, which means I am almost done with the game (until the other DLC releases). It’ll be sad to leave my beloved wasteland behind. Next week will be more casual, I think.

spencer 2 590px 150x150 G3s Weekly Gaming Evan: I’m currently trying to break outta jail in Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, so I can finish my mission of cutting General Sabio’s finger off. Recently beat my time in the first challenge room, from somewhere around five seconds to four, only to be discouraged to see that first place on the leaderboards beat in IN ONE DAMN SECOND. That ****’s impossible. I demand proof or hacks.

Mike : I’m still playing through MW2 multi-player, just hit level 60 after months of playing. SMGs are definitely the way to go, I’ve been consistently in the top 3 every match since switching from the assault rifle. Also picked up AC2 a few weeks ago, but can’t stand it, I feel like I’m watching cut-scenes for at least half the time I’m playing. Trying to play through it, but right now I have no desire to.

Gabriel : I have been playing a lot of Tetris on my PSP just because I won a code for it through a bet. The game itself is well Tetris nothing about it is that much different. I also have been playing the shooter Zeit 2 which I will be reviewing here soon. The game is a shoot ‘em up in the truest sense. It sticks very close to the roots of a horizontal shooter with one addition time-travel. The ability to travel back in time is pretty cool….wish I had it in real life.

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