Coolest Video Game Abilities vol.3!

Video game characters often break a lot of laws when on an adventure, and for the most part: the abilities that those characters use are often damned useful. This volume of “coolest game abilities” looks at such abilities as the teleport, the fireball and the nonexistent need to manually refill bullets in a clip.

teleporting Coolest Video Game Abilities vol.3!

Surprise! The teleport can be a pain for your enemies, but a great sneak attack for you.

The teleport-
While this ability wasn’t created by video games, they sure did popularize it in a lot as a means of convenience or as a tactic in fighting games. For short range or long range, teleporting can disorient foes and keep you out of harm’s way when the battle gets tough. Also, it would be great to use just for plain traveling since gas prices are so crazy nowadays.
Examples: Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

AK 74u reloading Coolest Video Game Abilities vol.3!

Pre-loaded clips make our FPS hero's day a little bit easier.

No “reloading clips”-
The biggest pain about shooting a pistol or rifle (in real life) is loading bullets into a clip before and after using the weapon. It’s time consuming and it’s something that video games have thankfully gotten rid of since it’s such a boring task. Instead, gamers pick up clips and they always come fully loaded. So there’s no fumbling around or dropping ammo on the ground, instead; clips always come ready to go for our heroes.
Examples: Every FPS game.

ryu Coolest Video Game Abilities vol.3!

Get ready to feel the pain, because the fireball is one deadly weapon.

The fireball-
The idea of channeling energy and unleashing something tangible and destructive just sounds awesome for any occasion. The fireball is one of video game’s best assets and it’s been used in dozens of games and shows no sign of leaving since it’s a staple in fighting, action and RPG games. As far as practical uses go; it helps keep enemies at a distance and packs a strong punch. It’s dynamic, useful: it’s the fireball.
Examples: Ryu from Street Fighter

Hyrule field Coolest Video Game Abilities vol.3!

Good luck Link, you're going to have to do some crazy cardio to save the Princess.

Unlimited Stamina-
Ever notice that heroes in video games, for the most part anyway, can keep running, shooting and fighting all night without so much as a ten minute break? Think about it, Link from The Legend of Zelda runs all over Hyrule, Ryu Hayabusa fought through dozens of monsters in the Ninja Gaiden series and Mario can jump on top of goombas all day! If there’s one thing great about being a video game character is never getting tired.
Examples: Link from The Legend of Zelda series.

tank Coolest Video Game Abilities vol.3!

From what video games taught me; this baby handles no different than my Ford!

Driving a car, driving an tank: no difference
And probably the best thing about being a video game character is the ability to pilot any vehicle without any noticeable training. Gamers have seen it all their lives and the controls are always the same and they’re always simplistic. A generation of video gamers have grown up thinking that the controls to piloting a helicopter is exactly like driving a WW2 Sherman tank, and just as easy as driving a car in automatic!
Examples: Halo, Grand Theft Auto.

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