A Little Sheepish About Catherine’s Box Art?

This summer Atlus will unleash their newest game Catherine to the United States, though the risque box art chosen for the game would cause some stores to outright not sell the game at all. Atlus decided to release another version of the box art (Hope you love buying to two copies collectors) that will cater to the “sensitive shopper.” The alternate box art was discovered by Siliconera users on Gamefly and Amazon. Siliconera then got in contact with Atlus, who then confirmed the addition:

“In addition to the existing North American covers for Catherine on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, there will also be modified designs that appear in select markets. The vast majority of copies available at launch will feature the cover we originally unveiled, essentially the Japanese cover of the game. A small percentage of copies, however, will feature a cover that is more considerate of certain retailers’ broader customer demographic. Fans need not worry; Catherine’s cover art is NOT being altered for North America. There is just an extra option being made available for more sensitive shoppers.”

Come summer we will all be forced to live the nightmare in this “erotic horror/puzzle-platformer/adventure game.” Be sure to grab the cover art of your choice and check out what you may or may not find on shelves near you.

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    March 2, 2014
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