Critics are Biased – and that’s Okay

Let’s be honest here – we are both human, you and I. There’s no reason for us to be unbiased, we gaming critics aren’t some kind of omnipotent, all knowing gaming demigods of the universe, we are all mortal. In fact, being biased is something to be praised, not scolded for. It allows us to give our feedback to the target demographics that we best represent. Most of the games that we play usually segregate critics into three different categories based on their skill. The three options that everyone’s confronted with are:





It’s okay if a critic plays on Easy, they might be representing a more casual audience. It’s okay if they play on Hard, they might be trying to appeal to a hardcore demographic. The truth is, experience colors everything we do, from writing our reviews to playing our games. Some critics don’t care about graphics as much as story, and that’s okay because there’s other people out there that think the same thing. Some critics have been playing games for twenty some years while others have just been introduced into the industry, and that’s okay because there’s both a hardcore and casual audience to cater to. Some critics have to buy their own games and play them in their own studios or in their homes while others get invited to extravagant parties set up by the publishers that own the very game they are analyzing, and that’s okay.

Well, maybe not that last part.

But back to the point I’m trying to make – being upset with a website that didn’t give your favorite game a perfect 10 isn’t something to moan and groan about. It’s not like they’re a carbon copy of you, we all have our own opinions and philosophies on different matters. The right thing to do is to find a site that represents YOUR preferences. For example, you might see my reviews score relatively similar to Gametrailers’ scores, and that’s okay, because I share their belief that innovation is what comes foremost in making a game stand out amongst others.

We can all groan and complain that a certain website didn’t do a certain game justice, but then I must ask you, dear reader;

When did you ever make a video review? Seriously, those things take like twelve hours to do by yourself.

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