Saints Row: The Third

Through outrageous side missions, dark satirical gameplay structure and a menacing storyline, Saints Row 2 proved that the franchise is a sandbox title in its’ own right. Saints Row: The Third aims to do the same, but over-the-top might be an understatement.

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SR: The Third picks up where SR: 2 left off, and according to Design Lead Scott Phillips, the game is spilling over with “holy-sh** moments” and insane hijinks throughout.

During the development of the storyline Volition pondered what a gang leader would do after reaching the height of power, and they suggested that he (or she) would market themselves; akin to Jay Z or Kanye West with brand names, and merchandise like: clothing, energy drinks, and bobble-heads; all donning the SR insignia; society would even perceive the Saints as pop-icons.
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Thankfully that’s what they stuck with and considering you’re still a criminal you can pretty much do, and get away with anything you want, says Phillips; like robbing a bank one minute, and piloting a jet the next, the, Steelport, and hopefully all of Stilwater is yours in all of it’s crazy splendor.

Cardinal Sin Saints Row: The Third

This title intends to play out like a sandbox full of toys; just as it should be, so right from the get-go you start off with crazy massive weapons that can decimate someone with a single shot; including some ridiculous melee weapons (to say the least).

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Early access to jets, early access to airstrikes with more insane weaponry on the way [promises Phillips], it’s as if Volition’s mantra for this game is: Anything Goes..Anything!

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Not limited to outright buffoonery, SR: The Third will boast one of the most innovative means of character customization though the Saints Row Initiation Station, but even that goes out the window. Here players will be able create and share their characters, and it’s rumored that characteristic parameters will extend beyond the typical anatomy found in most games; use your imagination.

The online mode(s) for this title (yet to be revealed) can speculatively boil down to utter lunacy, and loss of rationalization with all kinds of atrocities destroying the city, and each other..with god-knows-what.

What a good time that will be!

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All costumes and chainsaws aside, The Third does have a cohesive storyline that ties into the previous title, and with it we’ll see the return of Johnny Gat and Shaundi.

After a failed attempt to airlift a vault out of a bank, the Saints are subsequently incarcerated only to find out that the bank they robbed belonged to an enormous international crime organization referred to as The Syndicate.

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After a refusing to hand overĀ  two-thirds of Stilwater as an ultimatum to death for the robbery, Saint leaders; Johnny Gat, and Shaundi find themselves in a gun battle while falling to there deaths.

In an interview with Machinima Phillips claims that The Third won’t follow the typical; drive here, kill this person and flee from the cops formula, rather it will consist of:

“..set piece; huge missions that punctuate not only the gameplay, but the story”

Saints Row: The Third will be available on November 15, 2011
SR The Third box art Saints Row: The Third

  • GameReviewsbySpooge
    July 16, 2011
    Reply #1

    Oh my god this game looks amazing! I’ve played Saints Row 2 before and it was really fun. This is crazy, I can’t wait to kill people with a giant dildo. The character creation looks sweet too, I had a lot of fun with that in Saints Row 2. Can’t wait for this game.
    Anyway, nice article. Have nice day! :)

  • H.R. Ennis
    July 18, 2011
    Reply #2

    Yes, this games is definitely highly anticipated, and I myself am as enthusiastic about it’s release as I was with GTA IV..

    .. I’m glad you found the article entertaining, and thanks for checking us out.

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