Most Villainous Villains: Majora’s Mask

When a Zelda fan thinks of great villains, they usually go straight for Ganondorf because he’s a staple in the series and as menacing as an evil king can be. However, for a being that has only been around for one installment, Majora’s Mask came dangerously close to destroying an entire plane of existence.

****************************Spoilers ahead if you didn’t beat Majora’s Mask*********************************************
Also, if you haven’t played Majora’s Mask by now, what are you doing reading this article? Go play this amazing game. It’s like 10 years old already and you can find it for cheap on the Wii or a used copy. Seriously, go play it, I’ll wait here.
To start off, Majora’s Mask was both a monster and a bit of a jerk. The biggest piece of evidence for MM’s jerk-like qualities is how he not only tried to ruin a couple’s (Kafei and Anju) wedding day, but he also turned the groom into a child. While a ruined wedding is a tragedy, I believe the bigger problem is that Kafei was turned back into a child, effectively ruining his entire life! If the curse wasn’t broken at the end of the game (which the end cut scene never specifically explains) Kafei will have to relive his life as a child while his wife has to feel awkward about being married to a man-child until he turns 18. Way to go Majora’s Mask; you’ve done lasting relationship damage to two ordinary people.

MM1 Most Villainous Villains: Majoras Mask

Who has two fairies and a jerky-jerk attitude? Answer: this floating guy.

Next, the primary antagonist of the Zelda series, Ganondorf, usually just wants to rule over Hyrule with an iron fist of darkness. And while that is a horrible fate for the residents of Hyrule, Majora’s Mask was trying to bring about the death of all the inhabitants of Termina which includes, men, women, anthropomorphic plants and children! That’s pretty downright evil compared to Ganon’s plan of “covering the land in darkness”. This aspect of Majora’s Mask actually makes Ganon look like a bit of a sissy because Majora’s Mask was so evil: he was going to make the Moon crash into the planet. That’s pretty sinister.

MM Most Villainous Villains: Majoras Mask

Don't be fooled by the child like body, this guy is still a major tool for trying to wipe out all of existence.

And finally, he poisoned a heavily populated area’s natural water supply. Not too many would bat an eye at this act, since damage is never shown to the land. However if you turn water into poisonous purple matter: you’re going to have some casualties on your hands. Though this would be tame in comparison to the MM’s big end game of “destroying all existence”, even if Link saved Termina; there would be lasting damage to whatever the hell was living in and around that water. The lasting damage would be to kill of quite a few plants and most of the creatures living in the water itself, not to mention whoever was dumb enough to drink the poisonous purple water. Now you could say that once Link beat the temple the water was purified again; but that doesn’t bring back the (possible) thousands of animals that ingested the water. Sure, Link saved Termina, but that river’s inhabitants are probably all dead.

majora Most Villainous Villains: Majoras Mask

You truly are evil Majora's Mask.

So congratulations Majora’s Mask, for being the best villain you could possibly be, by almost bringing about the death of every citizen of Termina; you got much closer to your end game then Ganondorf ever did.

  • H.R. Ennis
    July 19, 2011
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    The way you broke it all down, I have to say that Majora’s Mask IS pretty sinister. Who says that Nintendo can’t be pitiless?

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