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Has David Found His Slingshot?

Sitting at my laptop watching EA’s E3 presentation of Battlefield 3 I couldn’t help but wonder why they were being so cagey about the console versions of their supposedly breath-taking game. Sure Battlefield 3 looks utterly amazing on their $5000 PC but then, a McDonald’s burger looks nice when it’s inside a Ferrari. The fact of the matter is, as gamers we’ve seen countless “Cod Killers” over the years like EA’s own “Medal Of Honor” and god forbid THQ’s “Homefront” and so as I sat in my comfy chair waiting for the enormous Battlefield 3 PlayStation 3 beta to finish downloading I was eagerly anticipating the return of that crushing feeling of disappointment that I’d got from those…other games.

The Menu is very slick with dark futuristic colours that invade your screen and a hard hitting soundtrack that fills your room with an overwhelming sense of dominance almost as if to announce its arrival as just what you’ve been waiting for. The beta contains  just one map and Battlefields returning game mode “Rush” which tasks attackers in taking bases in order to move up to the next zone, and defenders in stopping the attackers and holding them back until they run out of lives. The first thing you’re likely to notice is that the graphics do NOT disappoint, it’s not quite the same level of detail that you may have seen on the PC gameplay trailers that they released but considering this is only a beta I think it’s safe to say that the game looks phenomenal.

Battlefield 3 Box Art1 Battlefield 3 Preview

As an attacker I was thrown into a woodland type area surrounded by a lake on one side and a city on the other, the objective was simple, move forward and take out as many enemies as I could until I could get a good view of the objective which we needed to capture. As I explored the controls it was nice to see DICE had finally implemented a prone option which came in handy many a time as I lay in a bush on top of a small hill to gain an overlooking advantage on my opponents. I was able to pick off 3 or 4 enemies before I rose to my feet and caught my first bullet in the head; my character falls to floor immediately appearing to stretch out his arm for help from a medic that does not arrive. There is still no kill cam but the game does allow you to view the latest movements of the person that killed you allowing you to gain great satisfaction when you see one of your team mates take him out in a fit of revenge.

After a few objectives are taken the game progresses into a destroyed underground train line where things become a lot less open, players that opt for a shotgun are in control here as an enemy lurks around almost every corner giving Battlefield a feel not dissimilar to Call of Duty fans. The entire pace of the game changes and team work becomes a lot more essential as deaths become much more of a regularity in the confined space that is the metro tunnel.

Overall I am extremely impressed with the Battlefield 3 beta, the game presents an immersive battlefield with (as expected from DICE) amazing sounds and beautiful visuals. I was a little underwhelmed with the destruction as it didn’t seem as spectacular as in Bad Company 2 though I’m sure that this will be resolved in the final game. I’m very happy to say that based on what I have seen of Call of duty this year that gamers may finally be able to play a real contender for the FPS crown when Battlefield 3 is released on October 25th.Battlefield 3 Screenshot 300x168 Battlefield 3 Preview

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