The Life and Times of an Elder Scrolls Addict: Part III

A Legend is Born

With the initial teaser trailers that were brought out for Oblivion I couldn’t help but salivate at the lips, the graphics were so beautiful, the combat looked to be completely re-tooled, and did I mention that the graphics were amazing?

As little trickles of information dripped out of the Bethesda faucet I drank them up as fast as I possibly could without giving myself heartburn. But, it was not enough I had to get my hands on this game the wait was killing me (figuratively.)

March 20th, 2006. I’ll never forget it, I was at the store buying pants for a huge speech thing I had to do at school in front of my cities local council (I won, but that is irrelevant.) I was walking up to ring up my pants when I saw it, in that beautiful off white box. I stared at it, it stared back at me blankly, it was love at first sight. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was finally out, I went and tracked down my mom.

“Mom, it’s Oblivion. I gotta have it, I MUST HAVE IT!”

To which she replied.

“Alright, but don’t forget to practice your speech.”

I sighed.

“O.K. mom, I will..”

(Fun Fact #1 I lied. I never practiced my speech.)

She bought the game, I rushed home to install it on my PC which at the time consisted of duct tape and a gerbil running on a wheel to power it. I didn’t care I installed the game by stealing the DVD drive out of my dad’s PC since I didn’t have one, loaded it up and was…Gone…. I walked out of that sewer grate and my life was totally different, I felt enlightened. As if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, like I had seen heaven and knew that it was totally awesome.

As I strolled down the path towards the water I couldn’t help but be enthralled in all the beauty surrounding me. I jumped into the water and began to swim around, what’s that in the distance? An Island, sweet. I swam over to it only to be attacked by the some mean bandits who would stop at nothing to kill me and pillage my corpse, I had not choice, they had to die. After killing these extremely rude bandits I made my way towards the main quest marker on my compass only to be distracted by an ominous looking cave, kind of like a child with A.D.D. I was easily dis….What was I saying again?

I blacked out, next thing I remember *BEEP* alarm is going off, it’s 6:30 time for school and Oblivion is still open. I hit the pause key, turn off the monitor and go to school. Once I get there I hear some of my friends (Fun Fact #2 I lied I had no friends..) talking about playing Runescape last night. I walked up and told them that I had seen the holy grail and that Runescape was….Well Runescape… They bombarded me with 500 questions and then of course proceeded to ask to borrow the game to which I responded with…


Angry Face The Life and Times of an Elder Scrolls Addict: Part III

I coasted through this day like a dream, not even caring that this was (at the time) the most important day of my life. I just knew that the sooner this day ended the quicker I could get back to Oblivion, my precious.

That night I turned back on my screen an instantly jumped back into a world just brimming with details waiting for me to enjoy. I did things with Oblivion that second night that I’m pretty sure are illegal in several states. My night started off with taking care of the Arena (I always do the Arena first.) Then I headed off to do some Fighter’s Guild quests which started with you’d never guess it. Killing rats! After a couple of hours of taking care of these quests I decided to dip my toes into the water that is the main quest. Now I have to admit the main quest wasn’t nearly as long as the one from Morrowind but it does connect with you better on a more personal level.
obliv arena  The Life and Times of an Elder Scrolls Addict: Part III

I’m not even going to tell you about my first experience with the Dark Brotherhood, at least not in this segment *grins wickedly.* Come back later for that one.

As I came to find out, Oblivion did not run well on my computer, oh nay nay, it ran horrible to put it lightly. On the lowest settings I got maybe 15fps in a cave, which meant that the final showdown in the Imperial City was literally a slide show. No matter I enjoyed every frame by frame I got with Oblivion. But change was in the air.

oblivion dagon full The Life and Times of an Elder Scrolls Addict: Part III

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