Xbox 360 Continues To Outsell PS3

Ps3 Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Continues To Outsell PS3

A new study by Gamasutra shows that despite the recent PS3 price drop and the Xbox 360′s price increase, the 360 is still managing to outsell the PS3 worldwide. Thanks to the recent, huge success of Kinect, Microsoft are enjoying life at the top despite the price increase. The study suggests that the Xbox is selling up to 12,000 more units per week in comparison to the PS3, and at $35 more per unit. This is an incredible achievement for Microsoft, who many had feared might have entered the next generation of consoles too early when Sony revealed their ultra powerful Playstation 3. Microsoft are also able to continue making money through the enforcement of a payed subscription fee for xbox live, with Playstation Plus struggling to make the same impact, especially since the recent hack of the PS Network. Sony and Nintendo are not doing badly at all though, with Sony set to record record sales numbers for their 2011 fiscal year in March, and Nintendo already selling astonishing figures with the Wii, and the DS.

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