Battlelog Inspired By Call Of Duty Elite

Battlelog Battlelog Inspired By Call Of Duty Elite

The need for speed series was commended last year on its use of a new, innovative feature named “Autolog” that allowed users to compare race time’s and other stats, and compete in ways that had never really been fully explored before in gaming. So it was no suprise that at this years E3, DICE announced that they too would be integrating a similar feature into their blockbuster title “Battlefield 3“. Titled “Battlelog”, the social networking device gives gamers the ability to share gameplay and stats with friends that are also playing the game, as well as allowing PC gamers to play through the browser.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Battlefield 3 producer Patrick Loving said “I looked at all social networks, from Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, to of course [Halo] Waypoint, [Call of Duty] Elite”, “We looked at everything. That’s inspirational for me — just finding out what other people do, and just sort of grabbing the good pieces out of it.”. Other games such as last years “Blur” and the upcoming “Uncharted 3″ have chosen to simply integrate with existing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, speaking on the matter Loving said “I don’t think everyone would like to spam the Facebook feed with what they’re doing in-game”, “But I think it fits perfectly into a branded social network such as Battlelog. So that was the key: people want to keep it within the Battlefield community. The friends you have on Facebook are probably not the same friends that you have on Battlelog.”

Battlefield 3 is released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on the 28th October 2011.

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