Resident Evil 6 Is Coming, This Year.

As reported here earlier, there is a viral video going around (no pun intended..Well maybe a little.) showing off a video which some believe to be linked to Resident Evil 6, to go along with this video is a website Whether these are tied to the Resident Evil series has yet to be seen, they have promised some new info at 2PM PST, so I will update this post afterwards with whatever it is.

But besides the video, today we’ve received some real evidence that Resident Evil 6 is alive and kicking, and in fact, coming out this year. Today a Gamestop employee, and avid IGN Reader, sent them the photo below of a retail poster depicting that Resident Evil 6 is coming out November 20, 2012 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

To go along with this news, GamesBeat (as well as an update via IGN) is said to have an insider at Capcom who has confirmed several key things about Resident Evil 6 such as; both Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy (my personal fav.) will both be playable characters with overlapping story-arcs. As well, Ada Wong is reported to be involved (and possibly playable) in the game to some extent. (what’s a Leon story without the lady in red…) Both Chris and Leon will have a partner, though there has been no mention of who yet. Plus some are saying there will be a THIRD campaign following a so far unnamed character to go along with both the Leon and Chris campaigns. If this all shakes out to be truth that would mean three full (as in complete, not super long.) campaigns, as well whatever they have planned for Ada Wong. That’s a whole lot of Resident Evil, especially since the title is suppose to take place all over the world, with China being mentioned specifically.

The game has apperantely been in development in house, (not outsourced like Dead Rising 2) with which they are attempting to achieve a perfect blend of horror/survival like Resident Evil 4 and action-y feel of Resident Evil 5.


The Sixth axis tracked down Capcom as the source of the viral video and No Hope Left website, but Capcom refused to comment on any of it… (Not surprising, that kind of defeats the whole purpose.)

The link from the NoHopeLeft website that went live at 2PM gives us a link to the official Resident Evil 6 trailer in multiple different languages. Below you will find the English version. I’ve got say, after watching it, they’ve got me psyched for Resident Evil 6. Looks super ambitious. Although I’m not a fan of the altered design choice ( as well as voice actor) for Leon. Doesn’t feel the same.

RE6 Resident Evil 6 Is Coming, This Year.

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