Tough to be a Jedi

As I write this article, I find it difficult to convey the sense of honesty and esteem that a Jedi is sworn to. The original trilogy of Star Wars films only glanced over the Jedi mythos and made mention of a stern approach to emotions and aggression since they lead to the dark side. The lessons that Obi-Wan and Yoda said from A New Hope to Return of the Jedi: being a Jedi looked as simple as cutting open a tauntaun. However, since then gamers have had a chance to step into the shoes of a Jedi knight in games such as Knights of the Old Republic and, most recently, The Old Republic. So after beating both KoTOR games and a solid month of playing The Old Republic, I have come to the conclusion that being a Jedi is astoundingly difficult because the world is full of people that want to be as evil as Darth Vader and as feared as Boba Fett.

logo1 Tough to be a Jedi

A Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

I’m not knocking the Sith or bounty hunters in general, since I think they have such rich story lines and interesting back stories as anyone else in the Star Wars universe, I’m simply making an observation that being a Jedi is a pretty thankless job. Bioware really made light side decisions come with heavy consequences since walking the path of lightness is ridden with traitors, liars and murderous beings. Being a Jedi means restraint and even though many were excited about the chance to be a Jedi Knight: we forgot that being stoic and peaceful means that people will take advantage of your generosity.

Jedi222 Tough to be a Jedi

While the journey might be difficult, that doesn't mean I can't look cool saving the galaxy.

That being said I feel like Jedi need to have some thick skin to walk the light side and they had damn sure better be willing to save even the most evil of characters. Yet, maybe that’s the entire point of being a Jedi: to be powerful, but merciful. Having the skills of a Jedi and staying true to the light side of the force means discipline and a notion of empathy that seems like it would be ridiculous to have while playing a video game and that might be the biggest question one could ask a gamer: why do you make the good choices in a game like The Old Republic? Personally, I can see the lure of being dark side and cutting down foes, even when they’re innocent or surrendering. However, even when faced with total anonymity and a range of good and bad choices: I still prefer to make the “good” choice over the evil since I think the reward is greater because the tougher light side choices lead to a fulfilling storyline.

Jedi2 Tough to be a Jedi

That's me on the right side of the screen along with my dark Jedi friend, Z'phos.

I know the choices I make have no real bearing on the world I live in and I know that the adventures I play through on The Old Republic are fiction, but I still have a yearning to be the preverbal “good guy” since I find that path more rewarding. So tune in to Go! soon to check out some of the decisions I’ve made on the Light Jedi path and see how the life of a Jedi unfolds.

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