Knows Something We Don’t — Possibly Involving Black Ops 2…

As I’ve said before, nobody here is surprised by the news that is presented to you here today. But it’s still entertaining none the less. Earlier today French gaming site GameBlog reported that had posted a Product Page for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which was soon pulled from the site.

Now that news in itself is interesting enough, but this is where it really gets interesting. In a follow-up post Gameblog says that Activision asked them to remove the article regarding Black Ops 2 from their listing. When they refused, Activision reportedly told them “not to present themselves” at a Transformers: Fall of Cybertron event that they’d previously been invited to.

Thanks to Gamespot for the tip, and IGN for the translation.

amazon black ops 2 Knows Something We Dont    Possibly Involving Black Ops 2...


Keeping with the Black Ops 2 news (and saving you from having to open another article for the info)

Hugo Beyer… Name doesn’t sound familiar? It didn’t mean anything to me either, until I found out today that he is reportedly doing Art Work for Black Ops 2.  After looking up his credentials that include titles such as (Beatles Rock Band, Anno 1404), and including some still unreleased ones (Doom 4, Aliens: Colonial Marines), at a bevy of different studios (Terminal Reality, Liquid Development), I feel that he may be qualified to work on Black Ops 2.

Plus the news of Nerve Studios doing some of the Art Work for an Activision title is not so far fetched. Looking into their backlog of work, this is not the first time Nerve Studios (whom Hugo Beyer is presently employed by) has worked with Activison, or even Treyarch for that matter. They have previously worked together on both Quantum of Solace and *gasp* Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Take all of this information for what it’s worth. None of us will be surprised when a Call of Duty title is announced in the coming months. But whether it will be Black Ops 2 this year or next, really doesn’t make much of a difference. You know what they say about polishing a turd. (for the record though, I do enjoy Treyarch’s C.O.D. Campaigns)

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