An ‘Elders Scrolls’ MMO?

A few days ago an industry source unofficially popped the cap on an Elder Scrolls MMO project that’s currently in the works.  The source who wishes to remain anonymous confirmed with TomsGuide that Zenimax Online Studios, and Bethesda Studios (Skyrim) have teamed up to bring the universe of the Elder Scrolls online.

elderscrolls mmo An Elders Scrolls MMO?

TomsGuide says Bethesda and Zenimax have remained tight-lipped, and will do so until they officially announce the project in May 2012.   According to the anonymous source, we should expect to physically see the game by E3 this year; with more to follow at Quakecon in August.

For right now, all that is known remains as thus:

  • 3 Playable Factions (represented by three animals; Lion, Dragon, Bird of Prey)
  • The game is to take place about one millennium before The Elder Scrolls V (which is during the second era).


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