Minecraft Gets Xbox Live Release Date

minecraftxboxlive Minecraft Gets Xbox Live Release Date

Insanely popular indie hit Minecraft will finally be coming to Xbox live on May 9th after missing the original mid-March release date. Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced the release date, along with a few others, on his blog.

Minecraft was officially released for PC last November after what seemed like forever in playable beta. Now fans of the building/platformer can look forward to getting it on their Xbox as well. It will initially cost 1600 points.

Kotaku is reporting that, though originally promised, this release will not feature Kinect controls, though Microsoft representatives say that “We’re still excited about the potential to deliver Kinect-enabled features for this title in the future.” Though the Kinect controls would have been, and hopefully will be, an interesting touch, many gamers should still be able to enjoy the core gameplay of Minecraft. There are already several Minecraft clones on Xbox live arcade, but gamers who haven’t played the original Minecraft will absolutely want to pick this one up.

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