Resident Evil 6: Zombies, The C-Virus, and J’avo

So far Capcom has mentioned only two primary enemies in Resident Evil 6 – well three if you count the virus
zombies 01 Resident Evil 6: Zombies, The C Virus, and Javo

Making a comeback in the numbered RE games with RE 6 – zombies have evolved a bit. The undead in RE 6 can now make use of weapons, run, and jump – which should add more tension during combat, respectively for the player.


PupaStates Resident Evil 6: Zombies, The C Virus, and Javo
The new C-virus is a mutanogenic / non-carcinogenic virus, and unlike previous viruses in Resident Evil, the C-virus first pupates the infected – during which metamorphosis occurs; and later reemerging from an epidermal cocoon.

zombie Resident Evil 6: Zombies, The C Virus, and JavoDebuting in RE 6, the menacing and blood-thirsty J’avo exhibit intelligence through the use of language, their knowledge and use of advanced weaponry – plus they posses the ability to heal themselves; they may even change form during regeneration. The C-virus is (said) to be responsible for mutating humans into J’avo

C virus Resident Evil 6: Zombies, The C Virus, and Javo

Latest RE 6 Trailer

Unfortunately not much is known about the baddies of RE 6 at this time, but as the release date approaches – something more is bound to come out of Capcom..but don’t be surprised if that doesn’t happen.

Being left in the dark can be a good thing – sometimes.

RESIDENT EVIL 6 releases November 20, 2012




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