The Console China Never Had

Did You Know China Has A Console?

chinese console The Console China Never Had
Some things are best kept secret – The contents of Area 51, Respawn Entertainment’s first title release, (and previously) China’s home-grown console. Well, the former isn’t really a secret because technically the CT-510 Gamebox, which released on April 29, is classified as workout machine – a good thing because consoles have been banned in China for twelve years.
CT510 china console The Console China Never Had

Initially recognized as iSec and eBox the CT-510 (strange name for a “console”) is only the second controller-less console to exist – making it a Microsoft Kinect clone of sorts. It comes with eight pre-installed games and dozens of applications for family entertainment, such as watching high-definition movies and karaoke singing.

Eedo chinas console The Console China Never Had

Backed by multi-national, personal technology developer/manufacturer Lenovo, the guts of the Eedo’s Gamebox contains a dual-core CPU, a minimum 250GB in HDD storage, and a 3D GPU. Asking price is a hefty 3,799 yuan ($600 USD) compared to imported Kinects that go for about $459 in China.
6538562263 a1f82ca681 The Console China Never Had
Would you pay $600 for the CT510? If you answered no, then you have something in common with one of Lenovo’s own directors, along with a multitude of unimpressed Chinese gamers. According to M.I.T. Gadget,  a poll conducted by micro-blogging site, Sina Weibo – a Lenovo CEO publicized this comment:

Our product is not a gaming system. We don’t want, nor do we have the ability, to offer large-scale complex games. The iSec entertainment system requires medium level complex games to support.” - Dec 2011

Quite a statement to say the least. Even though China doesn’t [really] have a home-grown console, that hasn’t stopped the Chinese online gaming community from wasting away precious Qi – the gaming market hit $100 million high a year after the console ban, plus The big 3 still get imported regularly thanks to mediums like Ebay and Amazon.

Believe It Or Not: All These Are Made In China…yup!
the big 3 The Console China Never Had

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