Do You Like Need For Speed? How About Dead Space? Good….

EA has been hinting at a new Need for Speed and Dead Space for awhile now, but it now looks like we may actually get them this year *giddy*.

I personally feel like they have been pumping out far too many Need for Speed games lately, although the latest batch of rumors are reporting that the next Need for Speed will be a sequel to Most Wanted, and that gets me excited. Need for Speed Most Wanted is by far my favorite of all the Need for Speed titles.

As for Dead Space. We all expected them to pump out a third one. When you create a series as popular as Dead Space, it’s practically a given that you will continue to milk the cash cow until it’s dry. Nevertheless I am super excited for both titles.

Early speculation has Need for Speed possibly hitting as early as October 2012, and that Dead Space will be hitting sometime between now and March 31st, 2013…

ds3 Do You Like Need For Speed? How About Dead Space? Good....

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