G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions Part 1

e22012 G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions Part 1

Alright, so we got to play quite a few games at E3 this week and we wanted to give a quick run down on each one and let you guys know just what we thought. This is part 1, and look for part 2 dedicated solely to the Wii U!

hitman G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions Part 1

Hitman: Absolution- The demo for Hitman: Absolution was a bit short. It had you simply on a rooftop picking off targets that were an a nearby rooftop party. I’m hoping that the buid that was at E3 was not the final as the visuals left a little to be desired. Another problem that I had was the hit detection. Even though my bullets were connection with enemies right in the middle of their bodies, it wasn’t registering it as a hit. Instead I tried firing 3-4 inches to the left of their bodies, and guess what? Nailed them. I chatted with one of the presenters for Hitman and they said that this obviously wasn’t the final build and to look for many of the issues with the demo to be 100% fixed at launch.

psallstars G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions Part 1

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale- The first game that I had the opportunity to play at E3 was Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. Whew, that is a mouthful. The build for this game only had eight characters available with Nathan Drake, Big Daddy, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, Fat Princess, Kratos, Parappa the Rapper and a character from Killzone. The four player free for all battles are honestly very much like those of Super Smash Bros. The fights are all 2-D with an emphasis put on trying to knock your enemies around the screen to force more damage. Each character does have their own skill set, but the controls are pretty basic with two main attack buttons, one grapple button, one jump button and a button dedicated to launching your special attack. The battles were pretty hectic with characters bouncing around the screen, launching fire balls and performing insane special moves. The objective of the game is obviously to kill your enemies, however their is also an emphasis  on trying to not die…..as obvious as that seems. There is no death limit, so you really want to keep your death toll down a bit to give yourself a higher score in the long run.

deadspace32 G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions Part 1

Dead Space 3- The presentation for Dead Space 3 by EA waunfortunately not a playable one. While it was a hands on demo, the people getting the hands on play were the developers at Visceral games. The demo started out with Isaac crash landing on a Frozen Planet, after his ship was attacked. He then begins to traverse across the planet towards his homebase. One of the things that impressed me the most with this demo was the incredibly life like snow flurries. while it may not seem like something that would make a huge difference in a game, the snow effects in this build of the game were excellent and extremely life like. So after Isaac makes it to his rendevous point, he discovers that it has been over run with monsters. At this point, the developers made it known that Dead Space 3 will feature a co op campaign that your partner can jump in and out of at any point. In fact, the campagin will actually take different story paths once a co op partner is introduced with all new cut scenes and dialogue. After defeating a pretty gruesome boss, Isaac and his partner set off back into the wilderness. It is here that the demo encountered the first human enemies, a first for the Dead Space franchise. The human enemies are obviously smarter than the monsters as they strategize and coordinate with each other to take you out. The demo then ended with the two characters attempting to gain their composure after being swallowed by a giant worm creature. I’m assuming that their will be a campaign level inside that worm creature that forces you to blast your
way out of it.

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