G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions- Resident Evil 6

Ah, Resident Evil 6. Where do I start? Well, let’s just dive in. The demo that I played allowed you to play as any one of the main three characters. I chose tom play as Leon. The Leon portion of the demo started you out having just eliminated the President of The United States, who had just gotten a little…. Bitey…

Leon’s Looking A Bit Rough
Detailing Resident Evil 6 and Tomb Raider DLC G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions  Resident Evil 6

Afterwards, Leon and his partner set out into the building to escape from the nightmare unfolding before them. Along the way, they run into a man who is in search of his daughter. unfortunately for this man, his daughter has been bitten and has begun to feel a little.. Different. I’ll let you guess what ultimately happened to this poor man’s little girl. I’ll give you a hint, she turns into something that rhymes with the word Pombie, and devours her poor Papa. After dispatching little miss undead, the demo has you attempting to escape from the building through several small armies of the living dead. Now, onto my thoughts of the Leon portion.

‘Cuz this is THRILLA!’
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*WARNING* Being a life long/die hard Resident Evil fan, this may get a little ranty, you have been warned. Also, if you don’t want some mild spoilers about the game, stop reading now… You’re still reading? Ok, suit yourself. (Joking. Please read all of our articles. I am not joking about the spoilers though.) My first observation of the Resident Evil 6 demo, is the return to darkness. What do I mean by that? Well if you played Resident Evil 5, you know that 95% of that game occurred in the extremely bright atmosphere of it’s African setting. This bright/colorful setting of RE5 caused it to lose all of the spookiness that made Resident Evil popular in the first place.

Every bit of the Resident Evil 6 demo occurred mostly in the darkness, with very minimal lighting, most of which came from either moonlight, or the small flash light that Leon has equipped. I am EXTREMELY happy that Capcom is taking the franchise back to the dark side, where it belong. The controls were essentially the same as RE’s 4 and 5, with a few new features, like a real-time inventory system that allows you to run through your times without having to pause the game (somewhat like the system in Resident Evil 5). There are also a few new combat actions, such as the ability to dive and fire at your enemy while laying flat on your back. This ability comes in handy while trying to maneuver away from an enemy while still firing bullets to defeat them.

Big N' Bulky, or Slim & Sarcastic??
Resident Evil 6 Leon Kennedy Chris Redfield G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions  Resident Evil 6

Hmm, bullets. Something that was entirely too abundant in Resident Evil 5. Consistently having a few full rounds also attributed to Resident Evil 5′s lack of terror. To put it in simple thought, lots of bullets equals easily defeated enemies, equals me not being worried about what’s around the corner ahead. In the Resident Evil 6 demo however, bullets were EXTREMELY scarce. Capcom does however counter the lack of bullets with a dedicated melee button. My only worry about this melee button is that it might be too over powered like it was in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, but I have faith in Capcom to do the right thing.

The visuals were good for the most part, with one exception being made. While walking down some of the stairs, I noticed that Leon’s feet were actually going clean through the stairs. It was only for a second, and the camera is normally not low enough to see the character’s feet, but I would hate for something that small to tarnish an overall excellent visual experience.

The E3 2012 Resident Evil 6 demo was awesome, and that’s not just coming from a RE fanboy. Resident Evil thrives on darkness, and it’s scary factor. Unfortunately a lot of that was missing in the last numbered entry into the series. Capcom looks to be steering the franchise back towards it’s roots, and I am certainly behind them after the E3 demo.

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