G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions Part 3

Alright, part 3 of our hands on impressions from E3!

tekkentag2 G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions Part 3

Tekken Tag Tournament 2- Tekken Tag 2 was on full display at E3 this year! If you never played the original Tekken Tag Tournament then you are missing out on something special. Fighting game enthusiasts recognize the original as a cult classic and the game is still used in many tournament still today. Tekken Tag 2 picks up right where part one left off. The game looked absolutely fantastic and handled much better than Tekken 6. Namco really listened to the fans and cleaned up a lot of the collision detection this time around. The game boasts the largest Tekken roster yet and there were about 10 characters available on the E3 demo. Tekken Tag Tournament was one of my personal favorites of E3 and I can’t wait to play the final build in September!

dmc G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions Part 3

Devil May Cry- Hmm, Devil May Cry was easily the most puzzling game that I had the opportunity to play at E3. All throughout it’s development process, Capcom has been touting that DMC was going to be an all new experience from the original series. When the first details started coming out about the new Devil May Cry, it seemed like it was going to be just that, but I found very little different in this new installment. Dante is back, only this time you control him while he is in his awkward teenaged years. Other than teen Dante and some graphical improvements, I found almost nothing new in this experience. There were a couple new weapons, but the controls are almost identical to what I remember in the originals. It will be nice to see a new story/script set in this universe as it has always been one that intrigued me, but I am not sold on the new Devil May Cry just yet.

dbzkinect G3 & E3: Hands On Impressions Part 3

Dragonball Z Kinect- Watching other people play DBZ Kinect was honestly one of the funniest things that i’ve seen in a long time. On initial thought you probably think “Someone acting out a Kamahameha in it’s entirety? That isn’t that funny.” But what you forget is all of the fast paced punching and kicking involved in many of the battles of the Dragonball series’. The entire show isn’t just simply firing energy blasts at each other. This was the first Kinect game that I have seen that really is just flailing limbs around while playing. If someone wasn’t in front of a television and Kinect while performing these actions, you would most likely be inclined to stick your wallet in their mouth so as they wouldn’t swallow their tongues. The graphics were on par with what we have come to expect with the DBZ Budokai series and your main screen is simply a HUD and a pair of arms. The game plays like a rail shooter with most of your enemies coming to you to do battle. This game won’t win anyone’s game of the year nominee, but if you’re a Dragonball fan like myself, I recommend you check it out. Just make sure that you have plenty of Gatorade and ventilation wherever you choose to defend the galaxy from.

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