Sony Aquires Gaikai, Moving Into The Cloud-Filled Future

media Sony Aquires Gaikai, Moving Into The Cloud Filled Future

All I’ve been hearing for the past six months is how “Cloud Gaming” is the future, just like streaming movies and music over the Internet is the future. I find it to be total crap. There is a huge difference between streaming a video file over the Internet for our viewing pleasure, and playing a video game, something which requires the player to interact with his environments. I see a cloud gaming future leading to issues with lag, availability, and service issues. Problems you do not have when content is played locally (not including online play).

To secure this future though, Sony made a $380 Million purchase of a cloud company name Gaikai today. Gaikai, mainly known for allowing consumers to test demos right in their browser, is now owned by Sony, who plans to implement all sorts of different cloud features into not only the inevitable next cycle of consoles, but most likely into the current consoles as well.

It may not be long before we start seeing different Cloud-based enhancements to the Playstation 3 and Vita. The thought of spending my hard earned money on a game that I will not actually own is unacceptable to me. What if their servers crash? What happens when somebody hacks into it and screws with it? These are all things that have to have some serious thought put into them before they attempt to take my DVD’s away from me.

What’s your guys’ thoughts on the future of gaming? Do you feel that Cloud-based services can work, like Steam, or do you think that it’s a bit like Communism. It looks good on paper, but doesn’t work so well when actually implemented into the real world.

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