Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Greetings Peeps, and welcome to another Go! Gaming Giant Hardware Review. Today I’ve got the hotly-anticipated Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse on the G3 Test Bench.


The Box


The front of the box sports Razer’s typical black and green color scheme, while also giving us our first glimpse of the mouse. According to the front of the box, this is a ‘Expert Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse’.. I’ll be the judge of that. Up in the top right hand corner is the infamous Razer logo, along with a few details about the Taipan in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • 8200 DPI 4G Dual Sensor System
  • Improved Ambidextrous Ergonomics
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 Enabled

Taipan Box Front 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Opening up the front flap reveals the mouse itself on the right, as well as a more detailed bios on the Razer Taipan on the left. I do like the Warning: Highly Venomous warning that Razer gives us. It’s just so… Well… Razer!

Taipan Flap Open 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Taipan Flap Left 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse ReviewTaipan Flap Right 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Quickly swinging around to the left side reveals to us some more of the technical goodies that the Taipan supports. First off at the top is a bit of info on ‘Esports Ergonomics’ to go along with the section that shows which teams gave feedback on the development of the Razer Taipan, which is quite a few to say the least. Below that are the extra specs.

  • Ambidextrous Design
  • 4G Dual Sensor System
  • Hyperesponse Buttons
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity
  • Ultraslick Mouse Feet

And to put the cherry on the sundae, Razer brands this mouse part of their ‘Expert’  products. Though the other two types of products they make sound pretty damn good as well, seems how they’re either Elite or Essential..

Taipan Box Left 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Moving to the back there is a shot of the Taipan, some more info, and the English specs, which are eerily similar to what I just listed. The diagram shows us that the Taipan has;

  • 9 Programmable Hyperesponse Buttons
  • Seven Foot Lightweight Braided Fiber Cable
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 Enabled
  • Ambidextrous Form Factor
  • Rubberized Contoured Thumb Grip

Down at the bottom there is only one spec that hasn’t already been covered like ten times, and that is that the Taipan supports up to 200 inches per second / 50g acceleration. Two other small, but worthwhile things of note is that the Taipan works with Windows 7 (expected) and Mac (unexpected).

Taipan Box Back 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse ReviewTaipan Box Back Zoom 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

The right side of the box goes into more detail on the design, dual sensor system, and synapse features of the Razer Taipan. I’m so not going to type that all out for you guys. If you want to read it, please feel free to click the image to enlarge it. Needless to say, each feature is bomb-diggity.

Taipan Box Right 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review


The Goodies


Now that we got the box out of the way, let’s move onto what’s inside the box. Upon pulling the neon green plastic tray out of the box — I flipped it over — and there nestled on the backside of the plastic casing was all of the manuals and such neatly secured right in the back. Some of you may think ‘ who cares?’ I do.. And that’s all that matters. When you spend as much time as I do unboxing products, you get a bit sick of the manuals always being in the way, and by doing it this way, the manuals are never going to get stuck underneath and impede you from sliding the plastic tray back in.

Taipan Goodies 1 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

With my childish rant out of the way, let’s take a look at exactly what it is that Razer provides for us in the box. From left to right we have the Mode D’Emploi, A note congratulating us on getting smart and buying a Razer product from the Razer guy, a Quick Start Guide, two clear Razer decals, a Master Guide, And a Synapse 2.0 Brochure.

Taipan Goodies 2 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review


The Mouse


Finally getting to the mouse itself, you can tell right away that this is an extremely high quality product. Sure most gaming mice on the market these days support the same group of features, and the Taipan is no different. Where it does make a difference though is in three critical areas; Design Quality, Software Functionality, and Overall Performance. The Taipan has your typical left, right, and wheel buttons, along with two visible buttons below the wheel, which come default as DPI Profile up and down buttons. The top has a good, high quality matte black finish, which will not only resist finger prints, but also provide hours upon hours of good looks.

Taipan Top 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

On the left side, you can see the groove made by Razer to allow your thumb to sink into the mouse. This groove is coated in rubber, which helps you keep an excellent grip on the Taipan. At the top there is two silver function buttons. Not only do they have the perfect amount of resistance, but the placement, and raise on them is perfect.

Taipan Left 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

The right side is identical to the left side, hence the Ambidextrous branding by Razer.

Taipan Right 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Turning the mouse over reveals to us the 4G Dual Sensor System, with both a Laser and Optical engine, supporting up to 8200DPI. There is also a few feet to help the Taipan glide effortlessly.

Taipan Bottom 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

A cool little aesthetic design choice by Razer that I totally dig is the grills that they put on the front of the mouse. They remind me of the design of a high-end luxury sports car. The only thing I wish is that they lit up when the Taipan was on.. That would be sick.

Taipan Front 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

It’s a bit hard to see thanks to the camera refusing to go into focus, but at the end of the seven foot braided fiber cable is a gold plated USB Connector. Plus it says Razer on it, which is pretty cool.

Taipan USB 300x225 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Plugging in the Razer Taipan allows the Green LED’s to begin lighting up the scroll wheel and base of the mouse. The lighting is excellent, with the green shining through extremely well. Though you cannot see it in the picture, the Razer logo on the base actually has a pulsating effect, whereas the wheel is a solid green at all times.

500x500 5 300x300 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review


Synapse 2.0 Engaged


What is Synapse 2.0 you ask? Well, let’s find out from the people who invented it. Razer Synapse 2.0 is cutting-edge, intuitive, proprietary software that functions as the Razer Taipan’s brain, automatically syncing the gaming mouse to a cloud server to download driver and firmware updates, as well as to save your individual settings without you needing to lift a finger. You’ll never have to set up a new mouse at tournaments again when Razer Synapse 2.0 downloads the personal settings from your own Razer Taipan, and ports them to the new mouse, making it an exact replica of your own. How cool is that!?

Once I had setup my profile, I was greeted by the Mouse Customize page. Here you can change the functions of each mouse button, except the Left Mouse Button. Once changed, simply name and save your profile.  Clicking on the buttons brings up the Button Assignment tab. Once here, simply click on what type of function you want the specific mouse button to do, and voila, done!

Syn Customize 300x218 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse ReviewSyn Button Asgn 300x217 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review


Next up we have the Performance page. Here you can change the Taipan’s Sensitivity, Acceleration, and Polling Rate. If you change the Sensitivity, it only changes it for the profile you’re on, while clicking the Configure Sensitivity Stages will allow you to change the DPI for each of the five profiles.  The DPI Choices range from 100 to 8200 DPI, while moving in 100 point increments.

Syn Per 300x221 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse ReviewSyn Sensitivity Config 300x218 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review


The Lighting Page is pretty self-explanatory. You can turn off either the Scroll Button Lighting or the Pulsing Razer Logo at the base of the Taipan.

Syn Lighting 300x214 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Calibrating the Razer Taipan is extremely easy.  You can choose from the list of Razer Mats if you have one, or you can click on other and calibrate the mouse to whatever surface it is that you use. Upon calibrating the Taipan on the Zowie P-TF, you can see where they placed my Liftoff Range, which appears to be a 3 or 4.

Syn Cal 300x218 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Moving to the Macro tab, you can see that the layout is extremely simple, and quite intuitive.  Create a new macro, choose how you’re going to record it, and then keep them managed in the window on the right. Once you’ve built all the macros you want, go back to the Customize page and activate them on the button of your choice.

Syn Macro 300x219 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review




For testing the Razer Taipan, I chose the excellent titles below, for their diversity and either genre or play-style.

Mass Effect 3
Serious Sam HD
Metro 2033
ArmA 2

Mass Effect 3 – 3200 DPI

Mass Effect 3 banner 300x97 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Playing a few matches of Mass Effect 3 online led me to being extremely comfortable at 3200 DPI. Not only was the mouse extremely smooth when lining up head-shots, it was also super quick when I missed a head-shot and had to begin running and gunning.. It happens to the best of us.

Serious Sam HD – 8200 DPI Playable / 6400 DPI Comfortable

Serious Sam HD Logo 300x139 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Wow, I have finally found a mouse that is just flat out too fast for Serious Sam at max speed. I played for about 20 minutes at 8200 DPI, and it was completely playable, being super smooth and responsive, but simply put, it was more horsepower than I could handle. Dropping the mouse down to a ‘modest’ 6400 DPI led to an extremely enjoyable experience shooting all of the different types of enemies Mental threw at me.

Metro 2033 – 1800 DPI

metro2033 banner 300x63 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Metro is a very touchy title with the mouse. Any setting higher than 1800 DPI, and the mouse felt uncontrollable. This is a problem that I have with all mice when it comes to Metro 2033, and that’s part of the reason why I like it for testing, because it will tell you right quick if the mouse isn’t customizable enough to be comfortable for shooting mutants.

ArmA 2 – 3200 DPI

arma2 Razer Taipan Gaming Mouse Review

Another title that is extremely touchy when it comes to being accurate and deadly. ArmA 2 itself is a great game, but the DayZ mod is really what drew me to the title, and playing DayZ with the Razer Taipan was an amazing experience.




Overall, the Razer Taipan is yet another step in the evolution of gaming mice. Obviously this is not a surprise, when Razer is always on the front-lines of innovation in the peripheral market.

Gaming with the Razer Taipan is an excellent experience, with the Taipan making me feel like I was always in control of my fate. The biggest gripe I have with the Taipan is that it’s a narrow mouse by average standards. Now this isn’t going to be a problem for those who either have normal size hands, or are claw-grip gamers. I, on the other hand, have quite large hands, and got a bit of hand-fatigue after 3-4 hours of consecutive gaming (which you shouldn’t do anyways). But no matter how fatigued my hand was, or what DPI profile I chose to use, the Taipan always felt buttery smooth, almost to the point where it felt weird. That’s not a con, simply something I’ve never experienced before.

Sure the innovative part of the Razer Taipan is the 4G dual Sensor 8200 DPI engine that it has underneath the hood, but combine that with the revolutionary Razer Synapse 2.0 Software, and it’s easy to see why Razer is considered by many to be the best Peripheral Manufacturer in the business today. The price may drive some consumers away ($79.99), but from everything I experienced with the Razer Taipan, I can say without a doubt that it’s worth every penny.
A quick explanation of the award system. We have the main award category with three awards; Bronze (Good Overall Product), Silver (Great Overall Product), and Gold (Excellent/Near Perfect Overall Product) as the highest. Then we have two different Sub-Categories, Internal Hardware Awards for performance; Yellow (Low-End Performer), Orange (Mid-Range Performer), and Red (High-End Performer) as the highest. The third and final Sub-Category is for both Internal Hardware and External Peripherals; Black (Enthusiast/Gamer Qualities), Blue (Exceptional Build and Design), Green (Terrific Dollar To Performance Ratio), White (Innovative But Flawed)


  • Design Quality Is Sleek And Durable While Looking Great
  • Button Placement And Sensitivity Is Perfect
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 Is The Future Of Software For Peripherals
  • 8200 DPI Dual Sensor Engine Is So Freaking Smooth


  • May Be To Expensive For The Average Consumer
  • Is A Bit Narrow For Large Handed Gamers

If you would like to join the future, click here to purchase your very own Razer Taipan
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