Saddest Zelda Moments

The Legend of Zelda series is known mostly for being about a young boy who fights a lot of monsters and loves the color green. But the truth is that the Zelda series has some pretty deep and depressing moments. (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!) (Spoilers are afoot! You are warned!)

Impa dies right in front of your eyes (Skyward Sword)

So after defeating the main villain in Skyward Sword: Link and company connect the dots and discover that the old woman guarding the Imprisoned is also Impa, the guardian of Zelda and that her devotion to the Princess is ageless. Since Impa has been waiting to see her old friend for countless years, she shows off Zelda’s bracelet and voices her happiness to be with her once again. And just as we all think we’re going to get a cheerful group hug followed by Zelda and Impa catching up on lost time; Impa dissolves into light before our eyes and catches everyone off guard. Thanks Nintendo, for breaking our hearts.

impadead Saddest Zelda Moments

We’ll I am just as shocked as they are. Who saw that one coming?

Deku Butler weeps over his son (Majora’s Mask)
When you first start Majora’s Mask, most gamers are likely to notice the warped Deku scrub on your path to Termina. And of course, observant players will have noticed that the Deku butler both talking about his son who got lost and how Link’s Deku form is similar to his son. By the start of the game, it can all be coincidental but during the end credits of the game you’ll notice the Deku butler crying in the woods next to the warped Deku stump and you’ll all but realize that the warped is his son, and his curse is permanent.

butlerandson Saddest Zelda Moments

So not every Zelda game implies that everyone lives happily ever after.

Link says bye to Saria (Ocarina of Time)
Right after Link decides to leave Kokiri Forest, there’s a pretty sad moment where Saria gives Link her ocarina and hopes that he’ll visit her. The entire conversation goes normally for the most part, but then there’s a moment when Link starts to leave by backing away then stops. That moment of hesitation speaks louder than any dialogue box because in this scene you can see that Link doesn’t want to leave his home or best friend behind. And all Saria can do is stand there in silence and watch Link leave.

Linkleave Saddest Zelda Moments

This picture alone might be the saddest thing on the list.

Ganon was jealous the whole time
Wind Waker was largely cartoony, mostly due to the cartoony animation style, but there was also a level of depth given to Ganondorf when he reveals his lifelong plan to Link. What Ganon is says isn’t evil or twisted, instead it comes off as heartbreaking and really makes a lot of sense.
“When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished my lands, searing the world. And when the moon climbed into the dark of night, a frigid gale pierced our homes. No matter when it came, the wind carried the same thing…Death. I coveted that wind, I suppose.”
Ganon’s people got the shaft in terms of territory, while the royal family had prosperity. He was literally driven mad because of the constant suffering of his people.

ganon1111 Saddest Zelda Moments

It’s pretty scary to see someone called the King of Evil having an emotional moment for his long dead race.

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