Microsoft To Follow Suit After Sony?

-We May Not Have To Wait For E3-

Sony’s unconventionally early PS4 unveiling immediately jump-started Microsoft into a reaction, or so it may seem. After the late night teaser unfolded, representatives of the industry (including affiliates to Microsoft and Sony) anonymously conceded to writers, and other curious people (like myself) that Microsoft plans to follow suit and tear away their black veil as early as April.

Technically a rumor, this could be disregarded as the typical BS blurted after a fight, but fortunately this time by a quirk a fate; the truth may be here in the writing.

xbox original unveiling Microsoft To Follow Suit After Sony?

Bill Gates unveiling original Xbox

The Evidence

eventcore affiliates Microsoft To Follow Suit After Sony?
To start; when huge corporations like Microsoft need to host big and expensive conventions, they don’t bother themselves with primary obligations like: Event registration, searching for a facilities to rent or coordinating and planning; they simply hire an Event Management firm to do all that for them.

Eventcore (formerly USTECHS) is such a management firm, and as of February 21, (day after PS4 reveal) they registered the domain Eventcore only makes a habit of registering domain names for events they’re organizing (like the 2013 AT&T Summit)

Below you’ll see two separate receipts of registration for Eventcore (U.S.Tech, Division of Rapid Systems Inc) that have been compiled to demonstrate confirmation of Microsoft’s domains; one for last year (on the right), and for this year (on the left). Looking at the dates of creation and expiration on the right, we undoubtedly know that in between those dates Microsoft indeed had a convention.
Eventcore MS DomainRegistrationConfirmation Microsoft To Follow Suit After Sony?
The Smart Bit?

Since last year’s domain doesn’t expire until March 13, 2013, and the new domain was just created on Feb 21, 2013 – they’re obviously for two different events; otherwise, (if this was for E3 2013) why not just keep the current domain name then renew it when it expires in a few weeks – what’s the rush?

One can only deduce from the anonymous verbal rumors following Sony’s unveiling, and the urgency of registration for a brand new domain name (““) – that Microsoft is demonstrating another capacity of motivation towards the XBOX (possibly) before June. Whether they follow suit with Sony for an earlier than E3 reveal may soon be known.

Stick around to find out.

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  • Inusah
    September 8, 2014
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    Hey Stephan,Your welcome .Btw I don’t know if you rebmemer me, after the Parleys BOF I asked you (in dutch) if you were planning on selling (or opensourcing) components from the Application.I actually also wanted to ask you if the JavaFX and the GWT version of Parleys was still under active development?regardsBjorn

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