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Choice. Choice is what many gamers love, to have a choice in what they do during their experience when playing any game and not just run in one direction till you reach the finish line. Deus Ex promises players to give them choice but how well does it really deliver it and can it live up to the standards the first game set?

The game is set out in the very far future where human augmentation is bettering humans, to support them in their time of need and weakness. The game begins with Adamn Jensen a security expert at a company called Sarif. A mysterious break in happens at the very company with high tech soldiers plundering in and setting fire to sections of the company, murdering scientists and leaving you for dead. With human augmentation, you’re rehabilitated and become half machine and half human. So the rest of story is you, Adam Jensen trying to piece together clues to who were the soldiers, why did they attack and what were they looking for. The more you delve into this tale, the more complex it becomes and there’s a twist waiting for you around each corner.

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The introduction of the game was painfully slow and some gamers first impressions could already be decided before the full game experience finally kicks in. For the game to finally kick in it would take at least 2-3 hours and after that you will be addicted to your seat! This game guarantees a unique experience to each gamer allowing numerous choices to be made along this futuristic adventure. Lets take for example there is an apartment you need to break into and take evidence from, depending on what skills you’ve chosen you will have to think your way through it. There’s no ‘proper’ method to actually breaking into the building but more of countless ways of doing it. Maybe you can just hack the system that’s keeping the front door locked? Maybe there’s a pile of large boxes blocking your way and if you’re strong enough, you can be able to lift them? Maybe you might find a vent that takes you directly to the apartment itself? Maybe you can kill one of the local residents and steal the apartment code from them?  There’s many more depending on the objective and the setting your in.

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The game encourages you to play the game as stealthy as can be although it also give the player a choice to infiltrate an area guns blazing but the game really doesn’t want you to. Only 8-10 weapons are in the game and you will find most to be rather weak. Also using any of these weapons will alert a large number of guards to attack when you could’ve just completed the area with only taking out 3-4 guards. The game seems to try and force you to use stealth but the game is much more fun that way rather than going in guns blazing. The game feels very rewarding when you pass an area without triggering an alarm, you actually feel like a fox, a stealthy one.

You visit different cities but they all visually look similar and feel similar. Must be the futuristic look. The graphics are easily one of the best on consoles. The design of the world, the textures are truly superb. There’s also numerous sidequests to take part in and they’re really fun to complete. The game itself will take an average player around 20-25 hours to complete.

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Leveling up and completing certain quest will unlock points for you to use and learn new skills. These can also be bought at medical clinics and on rare occasions found on enemies. Skills such as becoming invisible or jumping 4 feet into the air all change the way you complete an area. You could also try and become the ultimate hacker and turn enemy robots on their friends while also disabling security cameras making the area that much less difficult to complete.

No game is perfect, this game does come with its fair share of nuisances such as boss battles were very tedious and annoying. No sense of choice in a boss battle as you’re only left with 2 choices. Die or shoot. And if you haven’t upgraded any of your stats in that specific field, you will have a difficult time killing a boss, taking into consideration what difficulty you’re playing the game. Also A.I can be very unintelligent at times. You can could be standing a metre away from an enemy and they won’t spot you or you could be hacking a door right in front of them and they fail to trigger the alarm. Also one time I tried using one of my powers which was to see enemies behind walls (very useful skill) and it wouldn’t turn on. To solve this I had to resort to a hard reset on my console. Load times could get annoying as they vary from nearly 20 to 30 seconds long. So if you’re stuck at a part and keep meeting death, your punishment is to survive the large load times.

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a very fun and engaging game. It had a lot to live up to and everyone expected so much when it’s compared to one of the best games in its time, its predecessor. Not only does the game do a very good job at living up to it but it does so much more than that. It defines what every game should give any player, that’s choice. Hopefully we see more games integrate this sort of gameplay formula into its games, where the player has numerous ways of completing a level and not just 1.

Pros :
  • Choice
  • Futuristic world design is fantastic
  • Addicting gameplay
Cons :
  • A.I isn't intelligent sometimes
  • Boss battles are tedious
  • Slow introduction
Random Fact :
  • No New Game +

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Information

Publisher : Square Enix
Developer : Eidos Montreal
Release Date : August 26th 2011
Genre : Action-Adventure,

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