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Ladies and gentlemen, I stand before you as a humbled man. For many years dating back to my youngest years, beating extremely hard games like the original Double Dragon, I have always considered myself to be an above average video game player. No matter what the game was, I could figure it out and quickly propel myself to the top of it’s player community. Then I played “Eryi’s Action.” This game has single handedly made me rethink my whole gaming life and question whether or not I need to devote even more time to gaming. With that being said, let’s talk a little bit about this hard, but extremely fun game.

Eryi’s action is yet another game brought over the Western soil from Japan by our good friends at Nyu Media. Eryi’s Action is what Nyu Media calls a “trap game.” At it’s core, it’s a 2d side scroller, much akin to Super Mario Brothers or Sonic The Hedgehog. The game stars a young girl named Eryi, who just found out that her delicious melon has been taken by someone, so she sets out into the colorfully dangerous world of “Eryi’s Action” to get it back. This game is obviously not something that you would look to for incredible story lines and character depth, but those qualities aren’t necessary for a game like this to be enjoyable. It’s simple, she lost her melon and she want’s to get it back. Simple enough.

The gameplay, as stated before, is very much like Super Mario Brothers. You’ll be running sideways across a 2d map, jumping on enemies, climbing ladders and bouncing on mushrooms. The game only features three buttons and the d-pad but it handles great and the controls are solid. While much of the game is running back and forth defeating enemies, you will run into the occasional puzzle that will really have you thinking outside the box. To give a small example, in the first level of the game you come to a flag that when touched allows the computer to take control of your character and leads them to certain doom. So what’s the solution? Grab the water sprinkler to launch yourself over the flag and bypass the whole thing? Wrong. Go ahead and run off screen, thinking that you just defeated the level only to hear the little jingle that signals your demise.

That leads me into the next aspect of this game, the difficulty. Now I may have been a bit dramatic in my assessment of the difficulty of “Eryi’s Action,” but make no mistake. This game will have you literally laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of some of the “traps” that you are lead into. Not only are the levels full of crazy traps like blocks that look to be your safe haven turning to dust and dropping you directly down the nearest pit defeating you, but even the level select screen is full of traps. Oh you think that you are simply going to click select on level 2? Ok, well how about we send a man eating plant launching out of the button to kill your character where she stands. IN THE LEVEL SELECT SCREEN. To compound all of that, there is also a lives counter, showing you how many lives you have used. No, not like in Mario, but rather a counter that takes you into the negative showing you just how bad you are. I personally cruised well into the negative three hundreds. It may be frustrating, but it really is hilarious, you’ll be rolling around laughing at the craziness of Eryi’s Action.

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Perhaps my favorite thing about the whole game is the animation. The game is absolutely gorgeous. The animations are extremely bright, colorful and are extremely fluid. Every game that we’ve reviewed from Nyu Media has looked gorgeous, they definitely have a great eye for beautiful games.

All in all, Eryi’s Action is one of the best 2d side scrollers that you will play in some time. It’s fun, hilarious and aesthetically gorgeous. It is definitely difficult, but that contributes to a great sense of accomplishment once you figure out Eryi’s puzzles and traps. The game is nearly flawless, but the only thing that I would take off of it’s overall score would be that difficulty. It might be too hard for the casual gamer to stay invested in it.

Pros :
  • Hilarious
  • Solid 2d side scrolling action
  • Great visuals
Cons :
  • Hardest. Game. Ever.

Eryi’s Action Information

Publisher : Nyu Media
Developer : Nyu Media

Genre : Action,Side-Scroller,

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