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  • PSN: NHL 13 Demo 1 CommentsPosted by on August 18, 2012 under Videos
    -NEW FEATURES TO TRY OUT- EA Sports NHL fans can download NHL 13 demo for PSN and Xbox Live on August 21 to try first-hand a few of this year's new features and upgrades like; True Performance Skating - where spatial area and player momentum are now a true physical property - stepping up this year's realism between player, puck and the ice. NO MORE EASY ONE-TIMERS! See more Game V... more.
  • EA Sports: NHL 13 Cover Vote – Quarter Finals 2 CommentsPosted by on May 14, 2012 under Articles & News
    The first ever EA Sports NHL 'Cover Vote' presented by Blackberry is well underway, May 11 marked the beginning of the quarter-finals, and out of sixty initial candidates; 52 have been eliminated with only eight remaining. The winners will advance to the semi-finals - to be announced May 24. Fortune found me when Calvin Johnson's Madden Cover was decided. Now I'm going 2 for 2 with Pavel D... more.
  • Calvin Johnson To Be On The Cover Of Madden 13 9 CommentsPosted by on April 25, 2012 under Articles & News
    The fans have voted and the chips have fallen in favor of Calvin Johnson, wide-receiver for the Detroit Lions. Electronic Arts announced the results today at an event in NYC where finalists Calvin Johnson, and Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Weston 'wild-out' in a food throwing contest and a bit of verbal kneecapping on their respective stats and pictures. Not happy with the results let u... more.
  • New Mass Effect 3 Ending Is An Extended Cut 0 CommentsPosted by on April 5, 2012 under News
    -Available Summer 2012- Well here it is in all its grandeur. It might not be the answer that some were hoping for; which was a full-blown new ending for ME3, but nonetheless - EA/Bioware has issued a statement in a press release today that should clear-up, and clean-up some of the mess. "An official press release went out today announcing how we are re-prioritizing the Mass Effect 3 post rele... more.
  • EA Finally Ready To Step Back On The Court — NBA Live 13 Is Confirmed 0 CommentsPosted by on February 23, 2012 under Articles & News, General, News
    If you're like me, you instantly pair EA Sports games with crap. Now that's not to say their games completely suck, but they just don't seem to get any better. I may be the minority on this, but that's how I feel. (fix the defense in Madden, please for the love of all that is holy!) Obviously EA felt the same back in 2010, when they canned NBA Elite 11 after a rather, rough, reception from th... more.
  • EA Picks a Superbowl Winner! 0 CommentsPosted by on January 30, 2012 under News
    You can rest easy tonight all you New York Giants fans, your team is going to win Superbowl XLVI by the narrowest of margins this coming up Superbowl Sunday. In it's annual simulation of the Superbowl, EA put the New York Giants and The New England Patriots head to head in a game of Madden NFL 12 with no players interacting and letting the computer play out the results. The end result? The New Yor... more.
  • Otronicon 2012 2 CommentsPosted by on January 13, 2012 under Columns, Original Content
    Otronicon has been Orlando, Florida's biggest gaming convention since its beginning in 2006, and I got a chance to go to a pre-convention press event to check out everything Otronicon had to offer first hand. The experiences that Otronicon set up take gaming and show how the medium is used in real life situations such as military training and the medical fields as well as just being a place for ... more.
  • SSX First Look Gameplay Trailer 0 CommentsPosted by on December 22, 2011 under Videos
    SSX should be spinning in your consoles in no time, until then; this first look trailer should give you some closure. You can read a Letter from SSX Creative Director Todd Batty to SSX fans here RELEASE DATE N. America - 2/28/12 EU - 3/2/12 . ... more.
  • SSX Reboot has an Official Release Date 0 CommentsPosted by on October 20, 2011 under Articles & News, General, News
    The SSX Reboot has finally had a Release Date stamped on it by EA Sports. You can expect to get this game in your hands in North America on February 14, 2012. Also yesterday the publisher released some footage from a few of the games locations including: Himalayas, Siberia, and Alaska. ... more.
  • FIFA 12 Wishlist 6 CommentsPosted by on August 7, 2011 under Articles & News, Featured, Original Content
    A new season in football is about to dawn. The summer transfers have been made, people have been sacked and FIFA 12 is just around the corner but has EA fixed everything that players have been crying about in FIFA 11 or have they introduced more pointless features and not fixed the core gameplay? Here is a wishlist of what some FIFA fans would like to see in the next FIFA season and hope this will... more.
  • NHL 12 New Features Unveiled 2 CommentsPosted by on May 24, 2011 under Articles & News, News
    With the NHL playoffs in full gear, EA Sports has unveiled details about new features in NHL 12, which is shipping out on Sept 9th in Europe and the 13th in North America. NHL 12 will include the following new features and updates. Revamped Be a Pro mode Action Tracker Full Contact Physics Engine Dynamic goalies Goalie battles NHL Winter Classic arena I'm sure you'll agree ... more.
  • First Impression: Fight Night Champion Demo 1 CommentsPosted by on February 2, 2011 under Previews
    The first thing I noticed about Fight Night Champion was the expanded roster.  The roster for FNC can be found at the following link. While playing through my first computer fight, I found myself a little thrown off because they changed the fighting controls on me. Now instead of learning quarter and half turns, every punch is now assigned to a directional flick of the fight stick. There is a... more.
  • Fight Night Champion Roster is “In the Air Tonight” 3 CommentsPosted by on December 12, 2010 under Articles & News, News
    One of the highlights of my gaming year is going out to the nearest Gamestop and spending 60 dollars to beat the hell out of people in a brand new Fight Night title. Especially in Fight Night Round 4 when I was able to box as Mike Tyson and knock out Zach Galifianakis while humming Phil Collins hits. Once again, Electronic Arts has put a smile on my face by releasing the entire roster for t... more.
  • FIFA Highest Selling Sports Franchise Of All Time 0 CommentsPosted by on November 4, 2010 under Articles & News, News
    It was announced by EA Sports today that the FIFA franchise has surpassed the 100 million sales mark. This includes all releases of the franchise, not just the most recent FIFA 11. By hitting this mark, FIFA has become the highest selling sports franchise of all time. EA is rewarding their fans by releasing the FIFA Ultimate Team DLC for free. Ultimate Team is a card-based player management game t... more.
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